2024-2025 WWDF Research Grant Award Announcement

Francisco Mamani-Fuentes Centro de Estudios Históricos, Universidad Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile From Spain to the Andes – Transfers, Adaptations, and Innovations of Framing Carpentry in Colonial Colombia (16th and 17th centuries)
Élie Pinta Arizona State University, USA Investigating Norse Greenlandic foodways through interdisciplinary analysis of wooden containers and tableware
Jay Thakkar / Mansi Shah CEPT University, India Relevance and Continuity of Wood in the Kath khuni Architecture in the Mountainous Region of Himachal Pradesh, India

2024-2025 WWDF Research Grant

The World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) is pleased to announce that the Research Grant application is now open for submissions. WWDF invites applications from scholars and graduate students that focus on "Wood and Culture". Both ongoing projects and new initiatives are encouraged to apply. The proposals will be evaluated on their originality and scholarly excellence by professionals from various disciplines, including the subjects listed on the website of the International Journal of Wood Culture.

The WWDF is an US-based nonprofit organization that dedicates to raise public awareness of wood as an eco-friendly material and its significant role in world history, inspire academic research and promote responsible wood usage for a sustainable future. By carrying out its missions, the WWDF supports interdisciplinary and integral investigation for exploring how wood has played a prominent role in human life. "Wood and Culture" is a broad and encompassing theme that encourages cross-disciplinary approach research. We cordially invite all those who are interested in elaborating on the topic and participating in the great undertaking.

Application Guidelines

The grant is 12,000 USD, and the final decision of grant recipients will be announced on the event and website of World Wood Day (WWD), by March 31, 2024. The funded projects are requested to be presented by grant recipients at the following year's WWD event in 2025. Accommodation and transportation to the event location will be fully covered by the WWDF and International Wood Culture Society (IWCS). In addition, grant recipients will be required to submit a research article based on the "Instructions for authors" together with a financial report to WWDF by April 30, 2025. All research articles will be reviewed by the editorial board of the International Journal of Wood Culture. Accepted articles will be further informed for future publication. The grant recipients are also required to mention the financial support from the WWDF and IWCS in any related research article or publication. Please note that the grant cannot be used to pay tuition fees, personal or family expenses.

Applicants shall complete the Online Application, including an application form, curriculum vitae (with publications), three-page research proposal, and one-page budget justification narrative. All uploaded documents shall be written in English and in PDF files ONLY.

The research proposal shall clearly describe:
• How the research project is related to "Wood and Culture"
• Significance, literature review, preliminary research, methodology, and timeline

The proposal shall be a maximum of three pages (single-spaced, with one inch margins, and in Times New Roman, 12pt size). A separate bibliography or appendix is allowed (three pages maximum). Proposals in inappropriate format will not be considered.

Please send inquiries to: researchgrant@worldwoodday.org

Research Grant Application Form

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 *Upload Proposal (in PDF only and please DO NOT contain special characters or symbols in the filename)
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How to Apply

The submission for the 2024-2025 WWDF Research Grant has been closed. Thank you very much for your interests. Please come back to our webpage for the announcement of awardees in late March and next call for submission in September.

For any inquiries, please contact researchgrant@worldwoodday.org