Folk Art and Craftsmanship Workshop

World Wood Day 2019 Folk Art and Craftsmanship Workshop program presented a diverse array of folk arts and crafts from local to international, from tangible to intangible heritage, in a natural forest at an open-air museum with historical wooden buildings. The Austrian traditional craftsmen and folk artists brought wooden baskets, wares, brooms, rakes, wooden toys,  haussegen schnitzer, boat and bow building, barrel making, weaving, sawing, historical wooden joints and shingles, reconstruction of a historical special book rack, iron-age splint box, bronze-age staircase and picks. The international participants  introduced Automata and Ball run from Japan, Marionettes from Czech Republic, Mask & Rod Puppetry from Indonesia, Arabic Calligraphy from Saudi Arabia, and Chinese Wooden Movable-type Printing from China.
The various interactive craftsmanship workshops and exhibitions were popular among children and adults for its hands-on experience to see and learn from playing with wood. All these activities inspired everyone to find the beauty and essence of wood heritage and craftsmanships.

The Folk Art and Craftsmanship Workshop program presents a variety of folk art handicrafts from different cultures and provides hands-on workshops for audience of all ages to experience authentic crafts-making. The audience can find the beauty and essence of various craftsmanships while enjoying the interactive activities and lively demonstrations.

International Participants:

Jianning Zou & Gensheng Zou
Chinese Movable Type Printing

Pavel Truhlář & Zdenka Owenová
Czech Republic
Czech Marionettes

Endo Suanda & Darto & Onie
Mask & Rod Puppetry

Kazuaki Harada & Megumi Harada




World Wood Day