Tree Planting

The Tree Planting Program is an essential part of WWD celebration. For the past eight years, WWD has had a tree planting at every main event venue and some regional events. With this year's theme CO2 & Wood and being a virtual celebration, we encourage everyone to plant trees throughout the year in their own area, regardless of group size, time of the year, or number of trees. Plant trees at any time and in compliance with local guidelines.

The important thing is the message by the act of planting and to share the idea that wood is an eco-friendly and renewable bio-material that has contributed greatly to our life, culture and sustainable future. We invite everyone, of both enterprises and individuals, to plant a tree if you can or pass along the message to those around you about how good wood is. 

Please share pictures and videos of your tree planting with us on the World Wood Day website and social media - we would love to know!
Please take some time to reconnect with nature and wood.

World Wood Day