2016 World Wood Day in Nepal

Main Event - Nepal Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal

The main international celebration will take place in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal during the week of 21 March 2016. Nepal is chosen as the host country for the main celebration because of its diversity, both geographically and culturally. Also, the city of Kathmandu is named after the Kasthamandap Temple, which in Sanskrit means "wood covered shelter" and, as legend has it, the Temple was made from a single tree. Participants for this international event are expected from over 100 countries and regions, which will help draw attention to the nation's determination to recover from the devastating earthquakes in 2015 as well as focus on Nepal's unique wood culture. This week-long event will feature a symposium, woodcraft activities, design and architecture programs, folk art workshops, children's events, musical festival and a tree planting.
We cordially invite everyone to get in the spirit of WWD and be a part of our annual celebration!

Venue - Nepal Academy

The 2016 World Wood Day main event will be held in the main building as well as the outdoor area of Nepal Academy. Situated in the heart of Kathmandu,  it is a national institution for the promotion of language, literature, culture, social sciences and philosophy of Nepal. Starting from 20th March, the venue will be open to public to participate.

Address: Kamaladi Road, 44605, Nepal
Website: http://www.nepalacademy.org.np



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