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Share   Theme: CO₂ & Wood Program Coordinator: Kazuaki Harada Demonstration Community Show   Share       ...

Collaborative Project

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How to Make a GeoTree  Schedule  Collaborative Projects in past World Wood Day  


Welcome to GeoTree, the Collaboration Project for World Wood Day 2021. We invite you to join us, from wherever you are in the world, in a celebration of wood, creativity and connection. The Collaboration has been a part ...

Folk Art and Traditional Craftsmanship

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The Folk Art program presents a variety of folk art handicrafts from different cultures and provides hands-on activities for audience of all ages to experience authentic crafts-making. Local and international traditional craftsmen and folk artists will show handicrafts that range from tangible to intangible heritage. The audience can find the ...

Music of Wood

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World Wood Day 2021 Music of Wood - myForest

Share                                                WWD2021 Music of Wood is an online virtual event with the theme "myForest". 

Paper Craft

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The Paper Craft program has launched at 2021 World Wood Day virtual event, featuring Ms. Nozomi Ishii who has participated in 2018 World Wood Day in Cambodia. Ms. Nozomi Ishii showcases her paper craft design for 2021 World Wood Day and conducts Online Workshop “Paper Tree,” which leads to the final Community S...


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The 2021 World Wood Day Virtual Symposium and The Third IUFRO Forest Products Culture Colloquium   Theme CO2 & Wood: Carbon Capture and Storage in Forests, Wood and Non-Wood Products   Date 21-22 March, 2021   Overview

The 2021 World Wood Day Virtual Symposium and The Third IUFRO Fores...


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IWCS is in Dubai for the World Expo 2020 that will last 6 months, from October 1st 2021 to March 31st 2022. For the first time in World Expo history, it gathers organization and 192 countries from around the world, each country with its own pavilion. The Expo2020 is governed by three main themes which are SUSTAINABILITY, OPPORTUNITY a...

Tree Planting

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Share   The Tree Planting Program is an essential part of WWD celebration. For the past eight years, WWD has had a tree planting at every main event venue and some regional events. With this year's theme CO2 & Wood and being a virtual celebration, we encourage everyone to plant trees throughout the year in their own area, regar...

WWD Theater

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World Wood Day Theater presents documentaries curated by International Wood Culture Society. The various stories and voices provide people opportunities to discover the relationship between wood and humanity and to inspire people to consider environmental, social and governance factors for sustainability.

Wood Education

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Wood plays an important role in our daily life. Wood education aims to teach the public, especially children wood related knowledge, plant the seeds of love and interest in wood, and cultivate the sense of respect and responsibility to wood, forest and nature. 2021 World Wood Day Education program will be celebrated virtuall...

Wood Furniture

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I. Basic & Safety

Woodworking Basics & Safety Rules (pre-recorded)    - to introduce the basic knowledge of woodworking    - to provide tips and personal experiences    - to expose hazards among workshop environment    - to explain safety guides and emergencies around th...


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Share Coming to its eighth year, the WWD International Wood Carving Show is held for the first time virtually due to the current global pandemic. With the passion and love for wood, artists from different countries and regions will showcase their craftsmanship through pre-recorded videos, images, and short clips from 3/21 till the end of Septe...


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World Wood Day 2021 Woodturning Demonstration Recap

Woodturners from different places participated in the program by providing basic/safety and doing live demonstrations over the World Wood Day streams to interact and connect with people from all over the world.

Theme: CO₂ & Wood Program Coordinator: Andy Chen Ba...

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