An International Seminar on Advances in Wood Science for Natural Resources Sustainability

Eminent Speakers

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Date: 25th March, 2022

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Wood Science has an important role to play in wood sustainability, as mankind has been using it indiscriminately since time immemorial. In this virtual Seminar, our endeavor is to interact with the eminent researchers working on current trends in Wood Science research for advancing and expanding the role of wood-based materials for a sustainable future. The presentations from distinguished speakers from different vistas of wood science should immensely benefit scientist, scholars and students of wood science, specially those working in wood structure, wood evolution, wood culture, wood uses, wood composites and Bio- materials.

Eminent Speakers

Dr. Lloyd Donaldson
Senior Scientist, Scion, New Zealand Forest Research Institute,
New Zealand

Prof. (Ms.) Marion Bamford
Professor & Director, Wits Evolutionary Studies Institute,Johnnesburg,
South Africa

Ms. Su Jinling
Secretary General International Wood Culture Society (IWCS),

Dr. (Ms.) Mechtild Mertz
Researcher, East Asia Civilizations Research Centre in Paris,

Dr. Andrew H.H. Wong
Deputy Coordinator, International Union for Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), Division 5 - Forest Products

Dr. (Ms.) Victoria Asensi- Amoros
Reseach Director, Xylodata, SARL,


Dr. Anuj Kumar
Senior Scientist Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke),

Dr. Arun Gupta
Professor & Director, Centre for Biocomposite and Innovative Materials University Malasiya Pahang,

Dr. Sameer Mehra
Assistant Professor, Timber Technologies and Wood Manufacturing, Technological Univ. Dublin,

Dr. K.K. Pandey
Senior Scientist, Institute of Wood Science and Technology,


Program Schedule

Inaugural Session 10:00 to 10:25 AM
Welcome address by Dr. Sangeeta Gupta, Organizing Secretary
Inaugural address by Shri Arun Singh Rawat, IFS, Chief Guest, DG, ICFRE & Director FRI
Name of speaker Timings
(+5:30 GMT/IST)
Dr. Lloyd Donaldson 10:30-11:00 AM Molecular microscopy of wood.
Dr. Andrew H.H. Wong 11:00-11:30 AM The Natural Durability story, focusing on Tropical Woods.
Ms. Su Jinling 11:30-12:00 PM Role of International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) in promoting Wood Science.
Prof. (Ms.) Marion Bamford 12:00-12:30 PM Evolutionary patterns of Wood and past climate signals.
Dr. Anuj Kumar 12:30-01:00 PM New Dimensions of Wood as a Functional Bio-material for diverse Applications.
Lunch 01:00-02:00 PM  
Dr. (Ms.) Mechtild Mertz 02:00-02:30 PM Wood culture in Japan and its contemporary relevance in Natural Resources Sustainability.
Dr. Sameer Mehra 02:30-03:00 PM Non-Metallic and Adhesive-free Engineered Wood Products and Connection Systems-A Step towards Circular Bio-based Economy.
Dr. (Ms.) Victoria Asensi- Amoros 03:00-03:30 PM Wood Culture in Egypt and its contemporary relevance in Natural Resources Sustainability.
Dr. Arun Gupta 03:30-04:00 PM Advances in Nano-wood composites.
Dr. K.K. Pandey 04:00-04:30 PM Transparent wood composite - an emerging material for future.
Vote of Thanks 04:30-04:40 PM  

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