Regional Event in Iran

The WWD 2022 Regional Event in Iran took place at Shah Abbasi Caravanserai in Bisotun in Kermanshah Province, Iran on 19-22 July.  The event was directed and organized by Dr. Alireza Bavandpour and AmirHosein Bavandpour to encourage and invite artists from all over Iran to participate in the event with the theme "Trees for Good."

The event was organized into Group and Individual projects.  For the Group project, participants worked together to create an artwork (wood sculpture for men and relief carving for women) that symbolized "the rescuing of mankind by nature from the drought who is drowning in the swamp of an environmental crisis."  For the Individual project, participants worked individually to create their own artwork based on their idea inspired by the theme.  A total of 12 pieces of artworks were created by all the participants by the end of the event to emphasize the importance of trees serving as an element to nature and remind people of the vulnerability of mankind to nature. 


World Wood Day