Regional Event in Beijing, China


On the morning of March 12, the "2022 World Wood Day" Beijing Tree Planting activity was held as scheduled at the Family Farm of Zhen bao Zhen Cultural Park.  This activity is sponsored by International Wood Culture Society and co-organized by the World Wood Day Foundation, Langxing Education and Zhenbao Zhen HanTang bookstore.

A dozen of primary school students, parents, members of the Deshenhui Club and researchers from relevant institutes of Beijing, a total of about 50 people participated in the tree planting.

International Wood Culture Society prepared an illustration board for tree planting steps, and the children first learned about tree planting knowledge, and then began to select saplings, and together with parents and teachers, they happily dug pits, backfilled, grounded down, soil covered, and watered.  They plant their beloved magnolia flowers, walnut trees or vines, and at the same time their love for trees and green environment is rooted.

After tree planting was completed, all participants entered the hall of HanTang Bookstore, attending a 20 minutes talk on tree knowledge given by Dr. Hu Xiaoxia of IWCS.  The lecture is fully prepared with vivid pictures and texts, ranging from tree composition, benefits of trees to forest protection, rational use of wood and gratitude for wood and World Wood Day.  The children at class are actively raising their hands answering questions.  The interactive teaching has achieved good results.

The students also experienced chopsticks-making, wooden smart toy playing and drawing.

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