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Online Exhibiton

We are delighted to announce the launch of the GeoVillage Exhibition. Follow this link to see all the houses in the village, contributed from around the world. 

This exhibition is the culmination of a year-long project borne of a reaction to the coronavirus pandemic and a desire to encourage creative collaboration in a time of separation. 

Further down this page you can read the project’s concept and see how we brought it to this point. Our team of World Wood Day veterans developed the GeoVillage Project as a way of capturing the spirit of collaboration inherent in WWD and to celebrate with artists all around the globe. Our team consists of Momo Hsiao from Taiwan, Yamila Cartannilica from Argentina, Anees Ma’ani from Jordan living in Spain, and Cillian Ó Súilleabháin from Ireland. 

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the GeoVillage. It is such a delight for us every time a new house joins the community. To see each individual take the same start and extrapolate to their own, personal place, is very special.

We have closed registration for the virtual exhibition, however, the GeoVillage is still open for new entries. Those who wish to participate can do so by sharing images of their work with us on Instagram.

Keep following us to watch the GeoVillage grow. 


The GeoVillage Team

21st October 2022



Take a triangle, place it on a square, and you have a house:  


Every day, all around the world, children draw this symbol to represent their home, adding their own expression and design to make it true to themselves. This simple form encapsulates all the warmth, protection and togetherness that a home should possess. 

For many of us the past couple of years have meant more time spent in our houses. Working from home, self-isolation, and school closures have caused us to view our homes from a new perspective. For some, this new perspective has brought their home closer to the childhood ideal; for others, further away.

With the GeoVillage project we are creating a community of art pieces themed around creativity, connection and place. Using the square and triangle symbol as your starting place, we invite you to take part by making a house for the GeoVillage. 

Just like a child might add a path, a fence or a tree to their drawing, we want you to share with us your ideas of what home means for you. When you’re finished, document your artwork and share it with us through our social channels. In this period of separation, we aim to link as many people around the world as possible through this project. Together let’s build a village.



For more information on Instagram:  @WWDGeoVillage

For more information on Facebook:  @WWDGeoVillage

See examples of GeoVillage posts.


How to take part

GeoVillage is an international, collaborative art project, open to all; organised as part of World Wood Day 2022.

  1. The GeoVillage will grow on social media, so follow us @WWDGeoVillage on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Make a house for the GeoVillage using this symbol as your starting point.  
  3. Build, turn, weave, paint, sculpt; anything goes as long as you incorporate some wood in your artwork.
  4. When you have finished, document your artwork and share it on Instagram and/or Facebook. Don’t forget to tag us in your post.
  5. Use the hashtags #WWDGeoVillage #WorldWoodDay #Collaboration
  6. Register your artwork for the online exhibition or to receive your digital certificate. Deadline for exhibition entry is September 21st 2022. (If you have trouble accessing the registration form, please send us an e-mail at 

Download the instruction: ArabicEnglish / FrenchGermanJapanese / Portuguese / RussianSpanish / Simplified ChineseTraditional Chinese


Online Exhibition / Digital Certificate

We will be hosting an online exhibition of the GeoVillage artworks as well as issuing digital certificates of participation. Both are available to all participants but require registration. Deadline for exhibition entry is September 21st 2022.


Collaborative Projects in World Wood Day

GeoVillage is a part of World Wood Day 2022, an annual festival to raise public awareness for the importance, and goodness of wood. World Wood Day 2022 will once again be a virtual event due to the global pandemic. At previous World Wood Days we have organized collaborative projects, each of which saw a diverse selection of makers, artists and crafts-people come together from around the world, to build a sculptural installation. These projects are a celebration of art, community, and our shared language of wood. Last year, for our first virtual collaboration we developed the GeoTree Project; inviting makers and artists everywhere to contribute their own artwork based on our design. This year, for the GeoVillage project, we invite you to take part, to help bring a virtual community together once again. It is a project of inclusion and connection, with an emphasis on participation, no matter your skill level or discipline.

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