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Fire in the West

World Wood Day Foundation and International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) are honored to work with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS), to present a series of videos: Fire in the West.

In the last few decades, wildfires in the west have become an increasing problem for the USA. Through presentations and discussions with experienced researchers, we would like to open a conversation to the public about how and why wildfires occur and hope to bring more awareness and understanding about them. 

We have invited different scholars whoes researches emphasize on various aspects of fire, to share their insights regarding wildfires in the western US. Hosted by Mr. Steve Ambrose, retired Forest Service employee and now volunteer for IWCS; joined by Jessica Brewen, Science Delivery specialist with RMRS; we wish this educational program could provide up-to-date information and inspire more profound dialogues about wildfires.





Wildland/Urban Interface (WUI): Insights from social science and human dimensions research.

In this video, we have invited Dr. Sarah M. McCaffrey, Research Forester with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS); Dr. Jeffrey T. Morisette, Program Manager of Human dimensions program; to provide insights from social and human dimension research. Their research focuses on ways to help communities be proactive about living in areas where fires are part of the natural process in forests.  


Wildfire and Bark Beetles

This presentation is conducted by Dr. Sharon M. Hood, Research Ecologist with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS). Focusing on two elements that impact forests directly: wildfire and bark beetles, Dr. Hood explains how fire effects tree defenses and forest resistance to bark beetles; and how we could create resilient conditions in forests to withstand beetle outbreak and other disturbances.


Wildfire and Climate in Western US

For this topic, we have Dr. Charles H. Luce, Research Hydrologist with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS), to share with us how climate change have and will affect wildfires in the western US and more.


Changing Fire Management in the Western US

In this video, we have invited Dr. Mark A. Finney, Research Forester with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS), to bring us presentation and discussion that focus on changes of fire management in the western US and more. 


Changing Fire Regimes in Western US Forests

In this video, we have invited Dr. Sean A. Parks, Research Ecologist with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS), to demonstrate how and why fire regimes in western US forests have been changed.



Giant Sequoia and Wildfire in the 21st Century

Giant Sequoias are exceptionally tall and long-lived, and have been the gem and jewel of the United States. However, in recent years, their existence have been threatened by wild fires. In this video, we have invited Dr. Kristen Shive, lead forest scientist of The Nature Conservancy, to talk about how giant sequoias are affected by wildfires in the 21st century.



Aspen & Fire: A Burning Issue

In this video, we have invited Dr. Paul Rogers, Dr. Stanley G. Kitchen, and Dr. Wayne D. Shepperd to present and discuss with us the relationship between Aspen and fire. This group demonstration explains the importance and specialty of Aspen, and its challenges and possible solutions while facing the wildfires.



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