Palace of Longevity and Health (Palace Museum in China)

30 Nov, 2022
Shoukang Palace (Palace of Longevity and Health) is located in the Palace Museum in Beijing. It was built in 1735 by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty for his mother Empress Dowager Chongqing after he succeeded to the throne.

WWD 2022 Symposium - Topic 1-5 - Menisa Antonio

25 Nov, 2022
Ms. Menisa A. Antonio from the Mariano Marcos State University, Philippines, delivered the presentation “The Underutilized Yams (Dioscoreaceae) for Food and Feed Source: Ethnobotanical Evidences from Ilocos Norte, Luzon, Philippines” for Topic 1...

WWD 2022 Symposium - Topic 1-4 - Michael Grabner

23 Nov, 2022
Dr. Michael Grabner from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU, Vienna, Austria, delivered the presentation “Wooden finds suggest a sustainable forestry in prehistoric Hallstatt, Austria” for Topic 1. Historical Utilization ...

WWD 2022 Symposium - Topic 1-3 - Jennifer Conda

21 Nov, 2022
Ms. Jennifer M. Conda from the Department of Science and Technology - Forest Products Research and Development Institute, Philippines, delivered the presentation “Philippine Native Trees: Raw Materials of Century Old Wood Structures...

WWD 2022 Symposium - Topic 1-2 - Misao Yokoyama/ Takao Itoh

18 Nov, 2022
Dr. Misao Yokoyama, co-authored with Prof. Takao Itoh from the Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, delivered the presentation “Wood Identification of Pagoda in Japan ” for Topic 1. Historical Utilization and Cultural Values of Trees and Non-Wood Forest...

WWD 2022 Symposium - Topic 1-1 - Chao Li/ Guangjie Zhao

16 Nov, 2022
Dr. Chao Li from the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou, China, co-authored with Prof. Guang-jie Zhao from the Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China, delivered the presentation “The Concept and Cultural Characteristics of Shira-Wood" for Topic 1

WWD 2022 Symposium - Topic 1 - Keynote - Ian Rotherham

14 Nov, 2022
Prof. Ian D. Rotherham from the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Sheffield, UK, delivered the keynote presentation “Historical Utilization of Trees and Woods and Contemporary Cultural Values” for Topic 1.

World Expo 2020 - Thailand Pavilion - Mobility for the Future

09 Nov, 2022
Share your own flower engravings in the pavilion’s garden and discover more about Thailand’s creative advances in the fields of transportation, logistics, digital connectivity and personal mobility.

World Expo 2020 - Latvia Pavilion - Connecting the Unconnectable

07 Nov, 2022
Whispers of nature spoken by the latest technology. Let's dig through the past and the challenges, see how experiments are a natural part of our lives and how discovery brings us closer to fulfilling our dreams.

World Expo 2020 - Egypt Pavilion - Land of Opportunities and Prosperity

04 Nov, 2022
Explore Egypt's past, present and vision for the future. Uncover the story of Egyptians and our past/present achievements. Embark on a new era of opportunities and celebrate a vision of a prosperous future for tourism, infrastructure, education and more.

World Expo 2020 - Cuba Pavilion - A Cradle of Great Creativity and Innovation

02 Nov, 2022
Tour the colourful and vibrant Cuban streets, and see beyond the facade of "Old Cuba" and learn more about the economic, social and ecological transformations that are taking place throughout the country.

World Expo 2020 - African Union Pavilion - The Future is Africa

31 Oct, 2022
The AU Pavillion will take you on a journey from the time our Pan-African organisation was formed, showcase Africa’s achievements and highlight pathways for investment as underlined in the Africa's developmental blueprint - The AU Agenda 2063 Aspirations.

Longshuncheng - Inheritor of Century-old Jingzuo Furniture - II

26 Oct, 2022
"Longshuncheng" is a century-old brand well-known in Beijing. The origin of its history can be traced back to the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty in 1862. After the public-private partnership was implemented in the 1950s, 35 woodwork workshops in...

Regional Event in Oman

14 Oct, 2022
“Design Muscat is a nonprofit international event and brand with a focus on the creative industries.” 16 artists from Al Dhahirah participated in the event representing WWD and together creating a collective artwork using palm wood, a workshop to...

World Expo 2020 - Peru Pavilion - Timeless, Always Peru

12 Oct, 2022
See the path Peru has travelled, woven in the fabric of time. Peru’s cultural diversity, infinite wealth and ancient wisdom are the greatest protagonists that still surprise the world and will help humanity to build a better future.

World Expo 2020 - Pakistan Pavilion - The Hidden Treasure

07 Oct, 2022
One of Asia’s best kept secrets! Home to one of the world’s earliest civilisations, a culture of boundless hospitality, riveting geographic wonders, and an upcoming investment destination of choice.

World Expo 2020 - Kyrgyzstan Pavilion - Completely New Paths for the Future of Kyrgyzstan

05 Oct, 2022
Discover a country breaking through in its development. Showcasing the economic and tourism potential of Kyrgyzstan and how we are leveraging the development of innovations, knowledge and the widespread use of information technologies.

World Expo 2020 - Ireland Pavilion - Island of Inspiration

03 Oct, 2022
Our invitation is to come to Ireland and be inspired. We present Ireland as an unrivalled place of inspiration, with a long and deeply rooted heritage of ingenuity, imagination and innovation. Come to Ireland – be inspired!

World Expo 2020 - Central African Republic Pavilion - Let's Save Household Energy

30 Sep, 2022
See the embodiment of symbiosis between humans and nature, technology and nature, and relations between humans, through a showcase of know-how around the issue of environmental protection.

World Wood Day Events organized by JWCS and IWCS

28 Sep, 2022
The Japan Wood Culture Society (JWCS) and International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) organized a tree planting event at The University of Tokyo Tanashi Forest and the 1st World Wood Day International Songwriting and Ex-Libris Competitions with the theme...

Longshuncheng - Inheritor of Century-old Jingzuo Furniture - I

26 Sep, 2022
In this video, Mr. Liu Gengsheng, the fifth inheritor of Longshuncheng, leads us into the Longshuncheng Jingzuo Museum of Intangible Cultural Heritage, to understand the century-old historical development of Longshuncheng, to get into the rigorous and...

World Expo 2020 - Panama Pavilion - An Introduction to the Endless Opportunities

19 Sep, 2022
Discover why Panama, gateway to the American continent, is becoming a world powerhouse in trade, business and technology. Explore a wealth of investment opportunities and enjoy a taste of its culture.

World Expo 2020 - Nigeria Pavilion - Rising in Value

16 Sep, 2022
Nigeria is a nation with immeasurable potential and opportunities and a country with a promising future. Let’s walk through 'Opportunity City' and its streets bursting with energy: Resilience Avenue, Respectful Avenue, Hardworking Avenue and...

World Expo 2020 - Mongolia Pavilion - A History of Resilience, Innovating for the Future

14 Sep, 2022
The Mongolia Pavilion is showcasing unique culture and heritage, and embraces the nomadic lifestyle Mongolia has held for thousands of years and illustrates how that co-exists with the current and developing urban lifestyle.

World Expo 2020 - Mauritius Pavilion - The Roots of the Future

12 Sep, 2022
Explore the tropical paradise riding waves in the Indian ocean while experiencing the cultural diversity and hospitality of the Mauritian people and unpacking the achievements of a role model nation.

World Expo 2020 - Germany Pavilion - An Engaging Look at an Environmental Trailblazer

09 Sep, 2022
'Enrol' at Campus Germany for an entertaining, surprising, hands-on digital experience. Based around a campus theme, Germany’s pavilion will blend creative environmental ideas with real-life results.

2023-2024 WWDF Research Grant is Now Open for Submissions

06 Sep, 2022
The World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) is pleased to announce that the 2023-2024 Research Grant is now open for submissions. The deadline for online application is February 13, 2023.

World Expo 2020 - Belarus Pavilion - Forest of Future Technology

05 Sep, 2022
Learn from the natural world through a forest experience. Discover how nature and technology can help us grow together. Just as trees in a forest grow stronger and live longer when they stand together, we can also share a better future through...

Regional Event in Iran

01 Sep, 2022
The WWD 2022 Regional Event in Iran took place at Shah Abbasi Caravanserai in Bisotun in Kermanshah Province, Iran on 19-22 July.  The event was directed and organized by Dr. Alireza Bavandpour and AmirHosein Bavandpour to encourage and invite artists...

Inheritance of Ingenuity - Interview with Duan Guoliang, a Master of Jianchuan Woodcarving

29 Aug, 2022
Jianchuan woodcarving originated in the Tang and Song Dynasties and has a history of more than a thousand years. In the past, Jianchuan woodcarving was mainly used for the decoration of building components and doors or windows.

Online Award Ceremony of the 1st World Wood Day (WWD) International Songwriting and Ex Libris Competitions

25 Aug, 2022
The Japan Wood Culture Society (JWCS) and International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) organized the 1st World Wood Day International Songwriting and Ex-Libris Competitions with the theme of “Annual Ring” to promote the importance of wood and the splendid...

World Expo 2020 - Spain Pavilion - Intelligence for Life

17 Aug, 2022
The Spain Pavilion is creating a more sustainable future for all and aims to become an example of intelligent creativity, capable of uniting people around sustainable projects in the fields of science, technology, production, education and art.

World Expo 2020 - Lithuania Pavilion - Open for Co-creation of Global Solutions

15 Aug, 2022
See elements of tradition and modernity. The Lithuania Pavilion showcases partnership opportunities and technologies/solutions generated solely/partly by Lithuania to protect the environment and bring about global change.

World Expo 2020 - Comoros Pavilion - A Flower in Bloom

12 Aug, 2022
Pick up a mystical ring and journey through a garden of marvels, explore how Comoros' storied past paves the way for its bright future and make a wish for a better tomorrow.

World Expo 2020 - League of Arab States Pavilion - One Thousand and One Keys

10 Aug, 2022
Unlocking the full potential of an integrated Arab world. How will the Arab world achieve its full potential? Journey through seven decades of Arab achievement and come together to find the ‘keys’ to an integrated and prosperous Arab nation.

World Expo 2020 - Algeria Pavilion - Voyage of Life

08 Aug, 2022
Voyage through the rich heritage of Algeria. In a Casbah inspired structure, you are invited to go on a 'rihla', a journey to discover Algeria's sights, sounds, people, history and future aspirations.

World Expo 2020 - The Good Place Pavilion - Where People Who Care, Meet to Do Good

05 Aug, 2022
Innovation can come from anywhere, to everyone. Come and meet ordinary people doing extraordinary things - and be inspired to join our global community.

World Expo 2020 - Tanzania Pavilion - A Window to Experience the Full Breadth of Tanzania

03 Aug, 2022
Go on an engaging trip of a lifetime and see Tanzania's beauty and potential. See how we aim to achieve our vision of becoming a trading hub that connects Africa to the world.

World Expo 2020 - Switzerland Pavilion - Reflections

01 Aug, 2022
Once-in-a-lifetime journey in Swiss nature and urban culture. The pavilion reflects Switzerland and its diversity – from magnificent landscapes to innovative projects and ideas for a sustainable future.

World Expo 2020 - San Marino Pavilion - Future as a "Bio-State"

29 Jul, 2022
San Marino is one of the world’s oldest republics looks to the future. This micro-state in Italy is among the world’s oldest republics. San Marino's economy is based on service industries and tourism.

World Expo 2020 - Italy Pavilion - Beauty Connects People

27 Jul, 2022
Experience a journey that takes you to the heart of Italy. See how creativity comes from different places and disciplines in an unprecedented journey through the Italy of Beauty, touching on the country’s extraordinary past, present and future.

World Expo 2020 - El Salvador Pavilion - Starting from Scratch to Create A Better World

25 Jul, 2022
Let's meet a country where you can fulfill your dreams. El Salvador is creating a country where people want to live, helping to turn their dreams into reality thanks to the creation of sustainable infrastructures that connect people with nature and...

World Expo 2020 - Azerbaijan Pavilion - Seeds for the Future

22 Jul, 2022
Azerbaijan Pavilion is inspired by nature, dedicated to the future of humanity. Only by investing in the future now can people secure a sustainable tomorrow. The leaf-shaped roof symbolises an endless energy process. Every leaf transforms the sun's...

World Expo 2020 - Vietnam Pavilion - Where the Traditional and Modern Thrive in Harmony

20 Jul, 2022
Vietnam Pavilion is a model of sustainable and balanced development. Let's take a delightful and unforgettable journey to Vietnam, its beautiful people, unspoiled nature and latest development trends, the pavilion marries traditional elements with...

World Expo 2020 - Islamic Republic of Iran Pavilion - An Ancient and Stable Civilization, A Welcoming Nation

18 Jul, 2022
The Islamic Republic of Iran Pavilion is a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture. It showcases Iran's economy, social development and culture. It highlights peaceful coexistence and presents Iran’s ancient civilization and traditions...

World Expo 2020 - Indonesia Pavilion - Home of Diversity, a Feeling of Tomorrow

15 Jul, 2022
The Indonesian pavilion will be home to diversity, innovation and opportunities to explore how Indonesia is creating a better future with innovations that merge modern technologies and local knowledge.

World Expo 2020 - Hungary Pavilion - Aqua Roots of Hungary

13 Jul, 2022
Where the water is, there are roots. Where the roots are, there is life. Let's discover Hungary and its natural and cultural treasures.

World Expo 2020 - Brazil Pavilion - Together for Sustainable Development

11 Jul, 2022
Brazil Pavilion is evoking the Amazon basin in the Dubai desert. Let's discover incredible diversity, from flora and fauna to arts and culture in a pavilion that recreates the Amazon basin, take in the sights, sounds and scents of Brazilian riverside...

World Expo 2020 - Australia Pavilion - Blue Sky Dreaming

08 Jul, 2022
The theme encapsulates Australian optimism and creativity and celebrates Australian diversity and collaboration, envisaging a future of infinite possibilities founded on 60,000 years of innovation.

World Expo 2020 - Angola Pavilion - Connecting with Tradition to Innovate

06 Jul, 2022
Angola Pavilion is a tribute to indigenous tradition and a future of innovation. Be inspired by Sona geometry, an ancient art of sand drawings that was used to transfer knowledge for generations. Revisit traditional wisdom in innovative ways to...

World Expo 2020 - Zimbabwe Pavilion - The Land of A Great People

04 Jul, 2022
The pavilion is focusing on the culture, people, heritage and fertile land of Zimbabwe, and as well as highlighting the vision of embracing technology and a better smart life for Zimbabwean people.

World Expo 2020 - Uganda Pavilion - Right Place, Right Time

29 Jun, 2022
Every African adventure starts in Uganda. There's a time and place for everything. Inspired by Uganda’s famous tours, go on a journey linking different times, eras and places, and see how adventure and opportunity converge in today’s Uganda.

World Expo 2020 - Namibia Pavilion - Preserving Natural Treasures for Future Generations

27 Jun, 2022
The Namibian Pavilion is inspired by the country’s natural resources and aiming to showcase the country’s potential to generate sufficient and sustainable energy for both local consumption and export.

World Expo 2020 - Kuwait Pavilion - An Ambitious Gateway to the Future

24 Jun, 2022
Kuwait is committed to sustainable development to deliver a secure and prosperous future for its economy, environment, cities and people.

World Expo 2020 - Ethiopia Pavilion - The Land of Origins and Opportunity

22 Jun, 2022
Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, and “the land of origins and opportunity.”

World Expo 2020 - Investment Corporation of Dubai - Ensuring Growth and Long-Term Prosperity of Dubai's Economy

20 Jun, 2022
Investment Corporation of Dubai Pavilion is ensuring growth and long-term prosperity of Dubai's economy. As you explore a striking labyrinthine structure made of natural woven materials, find out how the Investment Corporation of Dubai supports...

World Expo 2020 - Belgium Pavilion - Diversity in Harmony

17 Jun, 2022
The Belgium Pavilion, ’Green Arch' exhibits Belgian industrial, technological and scientific know-how, reflecting 'belgitude', a mix between Latin romanticism in art and Anglo-Saxon technical precision in industry.

World Expo 2020 - Suriname Pavilion - The Power of Diversity

15 Jun, 2022
The Power of Diversity: Suriname an Oasis of Opportunity! It’s where people and nature co-exist in harmony. Let’s take a journey from city to mountains, and explore unique sounds, music, and poetry.

World Expo 2020 - Slovenia Pavilion - Green and Smart Experience

13 Jun, 2022
60% of Slovenia is covered by forests, and it’s the first country to be established as a Green Destination. Slovenia Pavilion is designed to provide an enormous amount of outdoor greens with water covered by a gigantic wooden roof, the building itself...

World Expo 2020 - São Tomé and Príncipe Pavilion - Managing Environmental Sustainability with Development

10 Jun, 2022
Let's embark on a fascinating journey to discover how São Tomé and Príncipe protects its environment and traditions, while achieving sustainable socio-economic development and prosperity for its people.

World Expo 2020 - Oman Pavilion - Opportunities over Time

08 Jun, 2022
The Oman Pavilion is inspired by the nature of the country, the frankincense tree. Let’s discover the secret of frankincense and its contribution to Oman, everything from medicine to food to cosmetics.

World Expo 2020 - Nepal Pavilion - Connect Potentials for Sustainable Growth

06 Jun, 2022
Nepal Pavilion is showcasing the vast opportunities arising from Nepal’s unique location between India and China, and wishing to connect potentials for the sustainable growth.

World Expo 2020 - Malaysia Pavilion - Energising Sustainability

01 Jun, 2022
Malaysia Pavilion is delivering a Net-Zero Carbon Pavilion, it’s a concept and design of the rainforest canopy with floating forest, water feature, and surrounded by 16 species of trees and over 3000 pots plants to give an over all experience of the ...

World Expo 2020 - Luxembourg Pavilion - Resourceful Luxembourg

30 May, 2022
Welcome to “Resourceful Luxembourg - Where Luxembourg’s resources become your opportunities.”  Luxembourg is a country located in the heart of the Europe, the structure of the pavilion itself represents the openness, resourceful, and reliable of ...

World Expo 2020 - Laos Pavilion - Tradition, Cultural Conservation and Progress

27 May, 2022
Laos relies on its agriculture and traditional handicrafts, people of Laos make good use of natural resources to enrich their culture and seek for the opportunity to be seen by the world. 

World Expo 2020 - Gambia Pavilion - A Sanctuary for Tomorrow

25 May, 2022
Welcome to Gambia! Enjoy a celebration of artists who keep the traditional, musical sounds of the Gambia alive!

World Expo 2020 - Finland Pavilion - Sharing Future Happiness

23 May, 2022
The snowy white Arabic tent architecture that situated in the Mobility District is the Finland Pavilion, some said that they brought snow to the desert, and in fact, they also brought the Finnish happiness to Dubai to share the future happiness.

World Expo 2020 - Czech Republic Pavilion - Spring Ambiance and Trailblazing Sustainability Initiatives

19 May, 2022
Czech Pavilion is a sustainable structure with a garden irrigated by the “cloud” designed by steel tubes to harvest water from the air using the “SAWER” system...

World Expo 2020 - Colombia Pavilion - The Rhythm that Connects Us to the Future

16 May, 2022
A white pavilion surrounded by greens and located in the Opportunity District, the structure itself continues growing and evolving as the country itself. Welcome to the “Colombia Pavilion!”

World Expo 2020 - Vanuatu Pavilion - A Paradise of Harmony and Sustainability

13 May, 2022
Vanuatu which means ‘the land for us’ in the local language is a South Pacific Ocean nation made up of roughly 80 islands that stretch 1,300 kilometers.  Harborside Port Vila, the nation’s capital and economic center, is on the island of Efate.

World Expo 2020 - Liberia Pavilion - Weaving Together the Fabric of Tomorrow

11 May, 2022
The Liberia Pavilion at Expo 2020 presents the richness of Liberian culture and history by showcasing the traditional dances, 16 tribal masks, 100-year-old brozes, and wooden musical instruments, fabric and cotton, and the wildlife of the rainforest.

World Expo 2020 - Gambia Pavilion - A Sanctuary for Tomorrow

09 May, 2022
Welcome to Gambia! Enjoy a celebration of artists who keep the traditional, musical sounds of the Gambia alive!

World Expo 2020 - Baden-Württemberg House

06 May, 2022
Welcome to Baden-Württemberg House! It’s a federal state of Germany located in the south west, 5% of the states are forest and it’s fairly common to see wooden building within the state. Let’s take a walk to the “Black Forest!”

World Expo 2020 - Austria Pavilion - Austria Makes Sense

03 May, 2022
"Austria Makes Sense" is the theme of Austria Pavilion in EXPO 2020. Explore the 5 senses of Smell, Touch, Hearing, Eyesight and Taste within the Pavilion.

Tree Planting in Beijing, China

29 Apr, 2022
On the morning of March 12, the "2022 World Wood Day" Beijing Tree Planting activity was held as scheduled at the Family Farm of Zhen bao Zhen Cultural Park.  This activity is sponsored by International Wood Culture Society and co-organized by the...

Children's Wood Education

25 Apr, 2022
On March 21 World Wood Day, led by their teachers, students from Experimental Elementary School came to Children’s Discovery Museum in Yunhe, Zhejiang and walked into the world of wood carving art.

Collaborative Project - GeoVillage

07 Apr, 2022
GeoVillage is a part of World Wood Day 2022, an annual festival to raise public awareness for the importance, and goodness of wood.

Newly Released Overview and Group Photos of the 2022 World Wood Day Online Symposium and The Fourth IUFRO Forest Products Culture Colloquium

01 Apr, 2022
Approximately 966 participants and audiences from 31 countries and regions attended on Zoom, YouTube and bilibili (Mainland China) from March 21-22.

A Tribute to Garry Knox Bennett

31 Mar, 2022
The video reveals the early background and life of Garry and the training he had in art school and how those experiences and knowledge constantly affected his design of creative work. Through the conversation between Garry and his wife Sylvia...

Fire in the West – Changing Fire Regimes in the Western US Forests

29 Mar, 2022
In this video, we have invited Dr. Sean A. Pasks, Research Ecologist with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) and Jessica Brewen, Science Delivery specialist with RMRS. Hosted by Steve Ambrose, retired Forest Service employee and...

The 2022 World Wood Day Online Symposium and The Fourth IUFRO Forest Products Culture Colloquium

11 Mar, 2022
The 2022 World Wood Day Online Symposium and The Fourth IUFRO Forest Products Culture Colloquium on 21-22 March has released the finalized schedule, invitation link to Zoom Webinar, YouTube live stream links and digital booklet (abstracts of speakers).

World Expo 2020 - Guinea Pavilion - Journey through History and Heritage through Water

10 Mar, 2022
Guinea is a country in West Africa, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean.  It's known for the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, in the southeast.

World Wood Day 2022 Special Concert - The 12th Annual Concert for Japanese Traditional Instruments

07 Mar, 2022
The 12th Annual Concert for Japanese Traditional Instruments Organizer: Senzoku Gakuen College of Music Collaboration: International Wood Culture Society  Date: Sun. February 20, 2022

Fire in the West - Changing Fire Management in the Western US

04 Mar, 2022
In the last few decades, wildfires in the west have become an increasing problem for the USA. Through presentations and discussions with experienced researchers, we would like to open a conversation to the public about how and why wildfires occur and...

World Expo 2020 - Sameem Pavilion - Story of Our Culture

01 Mar, 2022
Wood Culture Tour presents Sameem Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020. We took a tour of the Open Air Pavilion to explore and discover the traditional craft people used and made from scratch in the mountain, desert and the coast.

World Expo 2020 - Poland Pavilion - Inspired by Nature

23 Feb, 2022
It brings you to discover Poland’s pavilion which according to Director Moneer Faour, is inspired by nature.

World Expo 2020 - Syria Pavilion - We Will Rise Together

07 Feb, 2022
The Pavilion is collectively build by 1500 families. It showcases the rich Syrian culture as a nation and as individuals.

World Expo 2020 - Solomon Islands Pavilion - Ocean of Opportunities

26 Jan, 2022
World Wood Day Wood Culture Tour presents you the Solomon Islands Pavilion of the World Xxpo 2020 in Dubai.

World Expo 2020 - Andorra Pavilion - Small Country, Giant Opportunities

25 Jan, 2022
Andorra is a small country with huge opportunities. It showcases in its pavilion the innovative possibilities, environmental and forest sustainability policies and strategies as well as its culture.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy - Master Wang Zhipeng

23 Jan, 2022
Due to its unique properties, wood is widely used in martial arts equipment, and the wooden dummy is one of them. In the Wing Chun boxing training, the wooden dummy is used as simulated opponents for practicing.

Jon Brooks Studio Furniture Maker

11 Jan, 2022
"My artwork is about collaboration with nature, using naturally formed hardwood, which is found and harvested in the local forests that surround my home and studio in southern NH...

Burkinafaso Masks

10 Jan, 2022
Mask in Burkina Faso represent protective spirits that can take animal forms or can appear as strange beings. Originally, masks perform important social and environmental functions, governing human behavior with nature.

Fire in the West – Wildfire and Bark Beetles

07 Jan, 2022
In the last few decades, wildfires in the west have become an increasing problem for the USA. Through presentations and discussions with experienced researchers, we would like to open a conversation to the public about how and why wildfires occur and hope

The 2022 World Wood Day Online Symposium and The Fourth IUFRO Forest Products Culture Colloquium

06 Jan, 2022
Call for Papers and Posters- deadline for abstract submission is 4 February, 2022.

Fire in the West - Wildland/Urban Interface (WUI) Insights from social science and human dimensions research.

05 Jan, 2022
World Wood Day Foundation and International Wood Culture Society are honored to work with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS), to present a series of videos: Fire in the West.

World Expo 2020 - Swedish Forest Pavilion - Co-reation for Innovation

04 Jan, 2022
The Pavilion features interactive simulation and give visitor an experience to walk and stroll in the woods. 

 5 Facts from the Sweden Pavilion Website below

World Expo 2020 - Harmony with Nature: The Culture of Gabon

03 Jan, 2022
In this video we are with Gina NZENGUE, the director of the Gabon pavilion.  She first introduced the artworks displayed in her pavilion, how they represent her country.  She also discussed with us about her understanding of SUSTAINABILITY, OPPORTUNITY...

World Wood Day