Collaborative Project - GeoVillage

07 Apr, 2022

More about Collaborative Project - GeoVillage

GeoVillage is a part of World Wood Day 2022, an annual festival to raise public awareness for the importance, and goodness of wood.  At previous World Wood Days we have organized collaborative projects, each of which saw a diverse selection of makers, artists and crafts-people come together from around the world, to build a sculptural installation.  These projects are a celebration of art, community, and our shared language of wood.  Last year, for our first virtual collaboration we developed the GeoTree Project; inviting makers and artists everywhere to contribute their own artwork based on our design.  This year, for the GeoVillage project, we invite you to take part, to help bring a virtual community together once again.  It is a project of inclusion and connection, with an emphasis on participation, no matter your skill level or discipline.

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