Woodturning Demonstration

To promote and popularize woodturning craft and arts, 14 woodturning artists from 7 countries were invited to the Woodturning Demonstration program of 2019 World Wood Day. Woodturners from Austria, France, Kuwait, Puerto Rico and USA presented their extraordinary skills and unique techniques by using modern electric lathes. Their exquisite woodturning works attracted many audiences to stop to appreciate. In addition to modern lathes, traditional wooden lathes and skills from Austria, Morocco and the United Kingdom have also been demonstrated. The simple and practical form together with original human-powered way of traditional wooden lathes reveals the great intelligence of ancient people. There are also mini-lathes for children to experience the fun of woodturning under the guidance of professional teachers from the Cool Tool. Through this hands-on approach, children had a closer and deeper understanding of wood and woodturning. 

The woodturners also helped to turn the tower-shaped wood components for Wood Totems exhibiting. The totems are combinations of woodcarving panel that gathering from individual woodcarvers of all over the world. The woodturning components connected and decorated all these beautiful totems and made them the brand new art pieces.


World Wood Day