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Theo Haralampou

I initially took up woodturning 23 years ago so I could turn my own drumsticks and make gifts for my family and friends.
These days demonstrating and teaching woodturning is my greatest passion and full-time endeavour. Apart from demonstrating throughout Australia and New Zealand at symposiums, club events and wood shows, I have also demonstrated in the USA AAW Symposium, on the Woodturning Cruise through the fjords of Norway and for World Wood Day celebrations and tours in China, Cambodia and Laos.
I enjoy demonstrating the safest and easiest way to sharpen tools, develop good tool control, and take advantage of the characteristics of the wood to turn and embellish interesting, diverse and artful projects. I feel extremely privileged to be able to share my knowledge and experience with others.
My philosophy is that life is too short, so we should enjoy the journey, share with others and leave something to show we were here.

Mike Mahoney

Mike has been a professional woodturner since 1994.His bowls are featured in galleries across the United States. Mike’s work is sought after by collectors all over the world. Mike is often requested to demonstrate and teach for woodturning clubs, craft schools, and symposia. He has traveled around the world to discuss and demonstrate his craft and is considered an authority in woodturning.


Joanne Sauvageau

I had an interest in creating art in it’s many mediums but none have brought as much passion as woodturning. It continues to be a great escape. I lose all concept of time when I stand at my lathe with a wonderful piece of wood. Each piece of wood has its own unique character. The wood chips fly and reveal the hidden treasures within. I have worked with exotic woods but my favorite continues to be birch. It’s plain grain is a great canvas to incorporate carving and pyrography into my work! Turning provides an outlet for me to create both utilitarian objects and art. It has opened a whole new world of discovery into other mediums such as copper, leather and stone. But perhaps the most rewarding has been the opportunity to interact with other like-minded wood artists. I have never met a group of people so eager and willing to share their technique and craft!


Hassan El Farissi

Hassan Farissi is a woodturner from Morocco who demonstrated traditional foot-turning with his homemade lathe. His presentation always intrigues the audience of all ages and the urge to turn the wood themselves on the lathe.


Alan/Lauren Zenreich

Alan has been turning for twelve years, and in a previous life was an advertising and special effects photographer. He is spearheading an initiative to show how clubs can have demonstrators present to their group remotely, via video and audio over the Internet. Alan is also involved in the AAW initiative to catalog available demonstrators and topics, with the goal of producing a tool to connect demonstrators and their AAW club audiences.
Lauren is best known for ink embellishments for her wood turned jewelry, spheres and shaving/makeup brushes. She has been turning for 8 years and works with many different media and techniques, including archival inks, piercing, airbrush, paints, pyrography, beading, wire, enamel, encaustic wax and polymer and precious metal clay. Lauren is a member of AAW and Women In Turning (WIT), and has produced a video on the anatomy of a wood lathe, and personal protection equipment for AAW’s Discover Woodturning initiative.


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