Wood Design

Wood Design is an amalgamation of many different disciplines. For the past two years, Wood Design has continually explored the possibility and potential of wood. For 2018, the focus has expanded to forest products. Led by Wendy Maruyama, 11 contemporary artists and designers began the adventure with non-timber products that best depict the life of Cambodia: rattan and bamboo. To express the theme "Life," traditional rattan weaving and bamboo techniques were observed, applied and incorporated into the designs in collaboration with local artisans. The message of life and usage of eco-friendly materials is expressed through forms that embody messages, symbols and metaphors of life, culminating in an impressive art installation. The resulting designs, both literal and abstract, referenced the theme of LIFE in relation to preserving ocean life, cycles of life, systems, wildlife, pattern, nesting, cell division, food, connection and energy.

* The international team members:
Adam Manley
Amertah Perman
Christine Lee
David Trubridge
Donald Fortescue
Leah Stargardter
Mami Kato
Michael Hurwitz
Sandra Kelch
Sylvia Rosenthal




World Wood Day