Organize a regional activity

World Wood Day should not be limited to a single celebration. To let more people understand the positive impacts of wood in your country/region/locality, your volunteer efforts are crucial to us. The regional activity you propose is not only restricted on March 21st. Just pick the right date and gather everyone who loves wood!


  • Brainstorm an idea.
  • Register your proposal here for review. For recognized proposals, we will help promote your event on our platforms.
  • Update your activity on social media with hashtags #WWD2018 #WorldWoodDay #RegionalEvent #LIFE #March21st #WoodisGood.
  • Make sure your photos and/or videos are viewable to public.
  • Submit your event summary, photos and/or video(s) to within 2 months after the end of your event. These event outcomes will also be shared on our platforms.

What Else?

  • We highly suggest celebrating WWD in March together.
  • Financial sponsorship will be given to those proposals that best interpret the theme of 2018 WWD, “Life”.
  • Without consent of IWCS, any promotion of IWCS/WWD endorsement of commercial products and/or commercial events is prohibited.

What If…?

If you are organizing an activity which also fulfills the concept of “Wood is Good” and looking for partnership, please write to for inquiries.

Get Some Ideas

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