Regional Event in Latvia

This is the fourth consecutive year a regional WWD event is held at Woodcraft Museum of Vienkoči park, Latvia. This year, in relation to the theme of "Wood and Life", an interesting activity of making a traditionalethnographic and archaeological dugout coffin replica is featured. Traditional production methods will be adopted. Check out the website and facebook to learn more. 

More Information about Woodcraft Museum

Here you can learn how the craftsmen of the past made household items both for landlords and other people. It is also possible to learn about nuances of producing the log-ware and other wooden objects from the Stone Age till nowadays.

A special attention is dedicated to the process of producing log-boats. The overall style of arrangement in the workshop corresponds to that of late 19th and early 20th Century. Workshops are organized during thematic events.

Woodcarving Show

World Wood Day