2018 World Wood Day “Belt & Road” International Wood Culture Show

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Organizing Committee:
International Wood Culture Society
China National Forestry Wood Culture Association

Zhongyi International Convention and Exhibition (Yiwu) Co., Ltd
World Wood Day Foundation
Arts and Crafts Industry Association of Yiwu City

Arts and Crafts Industry Association of Yiwu City

Press and Publication Bureau of Yiwu City
Kaihua Root Palace Cultural Tourism Zone Management Committee
Wenzhou School for Special Education
Dongyang Feng's Art Woodcarving Company



With the theme “Wood for beautiful life”, 2018 WWD Regional event - The 2018 WWD “Belt & Road” International Wood Culture Show held in Yiwu City, Zhejiang, China from April 27th to 30th. This event aims to display the charm of traditional wood culture, promote the humanistic connotation of wood and the spirit of craftsmen, and bring up the interconnection and cooperation of artists from the “Belt and Road” countries.
During the event, a Wood & Root Carving Show, Woodcarving Program and Traditional Handicraft Workshop were held to show diverse ways of different roots of humanity and the relationship between different cultures and nature in modern society.
  • Belt & Road” Collaborative Wood Carving Program

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    In order to showcase the contemporary carving art and skill, strengthen the exchange of worldwide woodcarving art and culture, and promote the inheritance and innovation of woodcarving art, 3 international (Bulgaria, Egypt and the Philippines) and 6 Chinese woodcarving artists were invited to “Belt & Road” Collaborative Wood Carving Program. Divided into 3 groups, they selected carving slabs (Nanmu) at a factory and then discussed and merged their ideas for the event theme “Life.” They continued carving at the main venue, Yiwu International Expo Center for three event days. They shared their passion and skills with each other despite various culture backgrounds. The audience was able to witness how the unique relief woodcarving was created from pieces of raw wood slabs and appreciate the craftsmanship of the carvings.

  • "Belt & Road" Representative Wood & Root Carving Show

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    The exhibition brought 40 pieces of wood carving and root carving works that from 28 international artists. Among them, there are 29 pieces from 15 “Belt and Road” countries such as Switzerland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Italy, Vietnam, France, Australia, Zambia. Some of these works originated from the creation in previous WWD regional event- “Belt & Road" 1st International Root Carving Cultural Exchange Week held in Kaihua, Zhejiang Province in early December 2017. The other part of the works come from the previous WWD regional event- "Sino-Foreign Artists Wood Culture Exchange Activity" that held in Weizhou School for Special Education. The exhibited works also include more than a dozen of outstanding works that created by Chinese woodcarving artists.

  • Traditional Handicraft Workshop

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    Mr. Desiderio Marabella from the Philippines was invited to show traditional Philippine wood whittling skill. He creates intricate designs out of wood through whittling and carving. His works have been published in many magazines and tour documentaries locally and internationally. Mr. Xu liren, an inheritor of Dongyang Wooden Comb Craftsmanship showed how to make a wooden comb by more than a dozen processes with corresponding tools. Ms. Cai Hongguang, an inheritor of Dongyang Bamboo weaving Craftsmanship showed her excellent skill that turn thin bamboo splits into exquisite handicrafts works.

  • Event Tour

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    Before the event formally started, 4 international artists had a one-day tour to China Woodcarving Museum and the Lu-family Ancient Folk House in Dongyang City. This professional wood carving museum has six exhibition halls with a total of more than 3,000 pieces (sets) of exquisite exhibits of woodcarvings, bamboo carvings, wood furniture and wood structures. Lu-family Ancient Folk House is well-preserved architectural complex of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, reappears the essence of Chinese ancient architecture and culture. This tour aims to provide international artists a better understanding of Chinese traditional art, skill, culture and history.