2018 World Wood Day Regional Event in Kaihua, China

The 2nd “Belt & Road" International Root Carving Cultural Exchange Week


Event Info
Organized by the International Wood Culture Society and the Kaihua County People's Government of China, the 2nd “Belt & Road" International Root Carving Cultural Exchange Week was held in Kaihua County, hometown of Chinese root carving arts, Zhengjiang province of China from December 14-18, 2018.
Responding to the 2018 World Wood Day’s theme - “LIFE”, this event aims to showcase the contemporary carving art and skill through diverse culture and different perspectives, strengthen the exchange of worldwide root carving art and culture, and promote the inheritance and innovation of root carving art. 14 international woodcarvers from countries of Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa were invited.
Besides the woodcarving program, 103 woodcarving works from 75 countries on five continents was exhibited concurrently in Kaihua. These woodcarving works were collected by International Wood Culture Society during the 6th World Wood Day celebration in Siem Reap, Cambodia in March 2018.

December 14-18, 2018

Root Palace Cultural Tourism Zone, Zhejiang Province of China



Root Carving Show

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The 2nd “Belt and Road” International Roots Carving Show Week continued the form of last year’s event. After the selection of root carving raw materials, the international wood artists started to make their art creation on the same stage together with the Chinese root carvers of the 5th “Drunken Root Cup” root carvi...

Works Explanation

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After four days of carving, the artists' creative works are presented in the exhibition hall. The artists introduced their works to the audiences. The event organizers issued certificates for the artists.


Opening & Tour

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The opening ceremony was held on December 15th. Mr. Muhaimin Hasbollah, a wooden artist from Malaysia, delivered a speech on behalf of 15 invited international artists. International artists visited the Root Palace Cultural Tourism Zone and the Kaihua County Folk Village as a post-event tour.


Woodcarving Art Exhibition

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International Wood Culture Society invited outstanding woodcarving artists from all over the world to create woodcarvings with the theme of "life" on the boards of the specified size during the 6th World Wood Day. The works are to better interpret the rich connotation of “wood and life” and emphasize the importance of wood ...

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