Regional Event in Bahrain

World Wood Day Foundation cordially invite you to support the climate breakdown and Natural solution event in Bahrain, which will provide the best visual and invaluable experiences of protecting forests and wood culture.  The celebration aims to raise awareness and understanding of the key role that wood plays in a sustainable world through biodiversity and forest conservation.

Woodcraft and Exhibition
Organizer: Al Hayki Arts and Khalidiya Youth Society (hereinafter referred as Party A)
Co-Organizer: World Wood Day Foundation (hereinafter referred as Party B)
Date: Dec. 5~7, 2019
Theme: Change
Location: Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain

The Woodcraft project and exhibition, the theme is “Change" for the wood Art, Joy and Culture, aims to bring on-the-spot woodcarving experiences and cultural messages carried by the wood arts to the audiences.
1. Wood Sculpture
2. Wood turning
3. Small wood residue formation
4. Wood burning Art
5. Making fishing basket of Ancient
6. Wood products display

Additional Notes:
Party B is responsible for the event venue, posters, promotional materials, event related on-site photography and documentary, and technical support for WWD recognized programs.


World Wood Day