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CHANGE for 2019 is to heighten the need for awareness to make changes for an eco-friendly and sustainable future.  It will be an intersection of tradition and innovation - preserving the past and pioneering for the future - to take action and face the challenges in this ever-changing world.  A variety of programs will be organized and available for the public to be involved, such as woodcraft activities, folk art workshops, and children’s event. Furthermore, an academic symposium, live music performance and concerts, designing projects, stockmuehle reconstruction project, and tree-planting ceremony will all be included in the event.  Come be a part of 2019 WWD in a proactive effort for CHANGE.


WWD 2019 Design Story - Andy Buck

02 Sep, 2020
Inspired by the European tradition of marionette puppets, Andy Buck created a carved and painted figurative piece with moving wooden legs. Andy is assembling an abstracted figure whose multiple legs represent the many individual voices...

Winners Announcement of the WWD 2019 Video Contest

07 Aug, 2020
Winners Announcement of the WWD 2019 Video Contest - CHANGE IN WOOD CULTURE

WWD 2019 Design Story - Peter Walker & Yuri Kobayashi

22 Jul, 2020
Collaborating for the first time, Peter Walker and Yuri Kobayashi created a large installation made of materials culled from the clearings from the forest around the museum.

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