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CHANGE for 2019 is to heighten the need for awareness to make changes for an eco-friendly and sustainable future.  It will be an intersection of tradition and innovation - preserving the past and pioneering for the future - to take action and face the challenges in this ever-changing world.  A variety of programs will be organized and available for the public to be involved, such as woodcraft activities, folk art workshops, and children’s event. Furthermore, an academic symposium, live music performance and concerts, designing projects, stockmuehle reconstruction project, and tree-planting ceremony will all be included in the event.  Come be a part of 2019 WWD in a proactive effort for CHANGE.


Support World Wood Day - Collaboration

15 Dec, 2020
World Wood Day is an annual event that celebrates the importance of wood, appreciates the value of wood, demonstrates the beauty of wood, and shares the knowledge of wood. If you are like us, admire and enjoy what wood brings to our lives, please join us.

Aorelio Domingues - Paranaguá Fandango Master

02 Nov, 2020
Ilha dos Valadares is an island belonging to the municipality of Paranaguá, in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Founded in 1648, it is Paraná's oldest city, with one of the largest ports in Brazil.

Os Compadre - A northeastern Brazilian folk art workshop

21 Oct, 2020
Located in the semi-arid sertão (hinterland) region of northeastern Brazil, Juazeiro do Norte is best known as the base of the charismatic priest and spiritual leader Padre Cícero...

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