2019 World Wood Day in Austria


Event Info

Main Event

Dates: March 19th - 23rd, 2019 (Tue. - Sat.)
Open for public begins on Wednesday, March 20th
Location: Austrian Open Air Museum Stübing

Registration Fee (including meal plan, registration package, and domestic ground transportation in Graz and Stübing)

  Early Bird (USD)
* before 21st January, 2019
Regular (USD)
Full $255 $300
Accompanying Person/ Student $150 $200


Accommodation Fee (Hotels to be arranged by event organizers)

Room Types * Accommodation Fee (per night)
Single €58
Twin/ Double €42 - €46 per person
4 Bedded Room (18 square meters) €36 per person
6 Bed Dormitory (28 square meters) €35 per person

Concert & Exhibition

Free Admission

Date: Sunday, March 24th, 2019
Location: Stefaniensaal, Graz

Live Music Performance

Free Admission

Dates: Wednesday, March 20th & Friday, March 22nd, 2019
Begins at 06:00 pm (GMT+1)
Location: The Murinsel (Mur island), Graz


Event Schedule(for public only) & Timetable

Event Schedule(for public only)


Event Timetable

* Participants assigned to perform at "Live Music Performance" on 20th & 22nd March will be informed and arranged.


Event Map (Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing)


Children's Event

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It is our duty to teach the young generation the responsible use of wood because wood plays a prominent role in our daily life and in a sustainable future. Wood education class is designed to nurture a sense of respect and responsibility towards wood, forest and nature that not only aims to impart key points, but more importantly to ignite a lov...

Closing Ceremony

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The WWD 2019 Closing Ceremony was held at the iconic Congress Graz Stefaniensaal on Sunday, March 24, a perfect end for the seventh celebration of the event.  The acknowledgement and congratulations messages were given by Austrians organisers and representatives of each program.  With 90 countries and regions participan...

Folk Art and Craftsmanship Workshop

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World Wood Day 2019 Folk Art and Craftsmanship Workshop program presented a diverse array of folk arts and crafts from local to international, from tangible to intangible heritage, in a natural forest at an open-air museum with historical wooden buildings. The Austrian traditional craftsmen and folk artists brought wooden baskets, wares, brooms,...

International Woodcarving Show

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The 2019 International Woodcarving Show took place around a traditional wooden cowshed located within Austrian Open-Air Museum, Stübing. With equal passion and love for wood, 90 artists from 70 countries and regional woodcarvers showcased their craftsmanship at World Wood Day Austria 2019. Austria stone pine aka Qu...

International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational (IYAFMI)

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Share The International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational (IYAFMI) 2019 comprised of the Individual Project and the Team Collaboration Project. The Individual Project is a source of personal pride to invitees which should result in varying national interpretations of the theme “Change” and a widely diverse range of projects...

Music of Wood

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Music of Wood, Austria and Beyond

WWD2019 Music of Wood brings you traditional music to folk music from Austria and around the world. During the main event at the Austrian Open Air Museum, we had many local and international musicians and dancers performed at different parts of the museu...

Opening Ceremony

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  The WWD 2019 Opening Ceremony was held at Austrian Open-Air Museum, Stübing on March 21st.

Hosted by Dr. Michael Grabner from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, the opening ceremony began with performances of Austrian and international music bands,and followed by the welcome remarks delivered by Dr. Wolfgang M...

Photo Contest

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Winners announcement: Grand Prize Hope Myo Min Kywe   People category Overall Noah's Ark Debdatta Chakraborty 1st Nenets Camp Andrey Snegirev 2nd Lived-Were... Alexander Stepanenko   3rd A Tribal Bamboo Craftsman Chetan Soni 4th Tradition of Moving House Onstage Andi Nursam Adiputra...

Wood Architecture

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Share Stockmuehle Reconstruction Reconstruction of a water mill called Stockmuehle will be conducted by a team of well-known international and Austrian carpenters led by the Austrian Open-Air Museum during the 2019 World Wood Day event. A duplicate of the "Pahl" mill will be built with historical tools and techniques and exhibited...


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The 2019 World Wood Day Symposium and the second IUFRO Forest Products Culture Research Group Colloquium took place at Stübing Open-Air Museum from March 21-23 and gathered about 90 scholars from 30 countries, to examine the theme “Change- from tradition to innovation”. Research findings, issues as well as ideas focusi...

Tree Planting

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The Tree Planting will be held on March 21st inside the compound of the Austria Open-Air Museum. It is an essential WWD program that contributes to climate change, environmental change and sustainable development. The tree species to be planted by the participants and organizers will be carefully evaluated and chosen by r...

Video Contest

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Winners announcement: 1st place MADE OF WOOD Maria Perlado (Spain) I would like to highlight with this video the importance of wood, not only in the past, where it played a key role but also today. Precisely nowadays, in a world in constant evolution full of new technology and polluting materials, wood is key to the sustainability of th...

Wood Design

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Wood Design is an amalgamation of many different disciplines, all centered around a common starting point: wood and forest products. Led by Wendy Maruyama, the Wood Design team comprises practitioners in contemporary furniture making, design and installation/sculpture. Members of the team all utilize this material as a problem ...

Woodturning Demonstration

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To promote and popularize woodturning craft and arts, 14 woodturning artists from 7 countries were invited to the Woodturning Demonstration program of 2019 World Wood Day. Woodturners from Austria, France, Kuwait, Puerto Rico and USA presented their extraordinary skills and unique techniques by using modern electric lathes. Their exquisite woodt...









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