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CHANGE for 2019 is to heighten the need for awareness to make changes for an eco-friendly and sustainable future.  It will be an intersection of tradition and innovation - preserving the past and pioneering for the future - to take action and face the challenges in this ever-changing world.  A variety of programs will be organized and available for the public to be involved, such as woodcraft activities, folk art workshops, and children’s event. Furthermore, an academic symposium, live music performance and concerts, designing projects, stockmuehle reconstruction project, and tree-planting ceremony will all be included in the event.  Come be a part of 2019 WWD in a proactive effort for CHANGE.


Music of Wood - Hurdy Gurdy & Simon Wascher

15 May, 2019
Simon Wascher, an avid hurdy-gurdy player showing the differences between his beloved hurdy-gurdies and the reason why he chooses hurdy-gurdy.

2019 WWD International Woodcarving Show: Highlights

07 May, 2019
Highlight video of World Wood Day 2019 International Woodcarving Show. It showcases the woodcarvers’ diverse skill, culture and their interpretation of this year’s theme Change.

2019 WWD Music of Wood - C minor Sonata from Manuscript Parma

02 May, 2019
Sonata c minor from Manuscript Parma. Composer: Giuseppe Sammartini (1695-1750). Recorder: Andreas Bohlen. Harpsichord: Michael Hell

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