You are highly encouraged to celebrate World Wood Day (WWD) in your own ways which help promote the responsible use of wood and important roles of wood in maintaining a harmonious coexistence between nature and people. Every move you make will drive us go further to building a greener and better future!

What's more, we need you to spread the word on March 21st and more people will take notice of this special day!


  • Brainstorm an idea and take action.
  • Share how you celebrate World Wood Day with a photo/video on March 21st. Upload it on Facebook and/or Instagram with hashtags #WWD2018 #WorldWoodDay #LIFE #March21st #WoodisGood and tell people how important wood is in your life.
  • Make sure your photo/video is viewable to public.
  • Tag a friend.

Note: Without consent of IWCS, any suggestions of IWCS/WWD endorsement of a product and/or commercial event is prohibited.

Get Some Ideas

- Organize a school activity
Design a topic related to responsible wood use and importance of wood. Ask students to draw or write a story about it.

- Organize an outing
Take students to an artist studio to see how woodcraft is beautifully created. They will learn to appreciate the beauty of wood and value the craftsmanship.
- Discuss topics related to wood
Exchange views over topics related to wood usage or different aspects of wood culture from around the world at study group or via social media channels.

- Organize an event
Screen World Wood Day/ IWCS videos to show wood- related culture in different parts of the world.
- Organize a workshop
Spread the fun of working with wood with anyone interested.

- Design a work
Make a piece of work with the theme, “Life” to celebrate 2018 World Wood Day.
- Spread the word
Share WWD website and regional events via social media channels.

- Take action
Join a regional activity or propose your own project.

World Wood Day