International Woodcarving Show

The Myanmar Woodcarving Competition was held in the City Hall of Mandalay from April 6 - 8. 26 local woodcarvers were invited to the competition to carve a square panel to interpret the theme “Life.” The designs were as diverse as the rich culture of Myanmar, varying from nature, village life, festivals and personal experiences.

Mr. Kyaw Swar won first place with a design inspired by the Water Festival in Myanmar. He will participate in the 2019 World Wood Day Celebration with other carvers from around the world.

During the International Wood & Bamboo Carving Demonstration, two experienced Chinese master woodcarvers, Mr. Duan Sixing and Mr. He Zebing, exhibited their extraordinary works, demonstrated traditional Chinese wood and bamboo carving techniques, and shared their carving experiences. The audience was intrigued by their skills and asked them to make small souvenirs. Their attendance and participation enhanced the communication and cultural exchange of carving between the two countries.

World Wood Day