Regional Event in Uruguay

In 2018, World Wood Day regional event was held at the coast of Canelones, southern Uruguay from March 16- 18. The objectives were the diffusion of wooden art and organize an event exclusively of wood, which has never been done in Uruguay before. This year, 16 woodcarvers were invited, 8 Uruguayans and 8 foreigners (Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil).

The reason for this is due to two main points:

A) The beach city by the coast has windy winters, causing several trees to fall annually, blocking roads or hanging on high voltage cables, this is where the raw material of this event comes from, intend to revive the fallen trunk and transform it into a work of art, this also means no trees will be cut for the event.

B) From the theoretical point of view we adhere to the idea of ​​contextual art or context. Art professors were the main responsible for carrying out the meeting, from setting up in the beginning, until decide the location where the finished work should place. It is part of the strategy that residents and tourists of Salinas get used to seeing a sculpture in their daily lives.

The idea is that each year “Avenue of Sculptures” can be created.

The event is also soported by Intendencia de Canelones Municipio de Salinas, Uruguay Salinas Escultura Centros MECUruguay Natural, International Wood Culture Society (IWCS)MEC Uruguay Montevideo Accueil LO De MARIANotas de Salinas La Caverna, FM 90.7Intendencia de Montevideo Escuela de Artes y Artesanías, Dr. Pedro Figari Cetp-Utu Facultad De Bellas Artes

Woodcarving Show

World Wood Day