Wood plays a prominent role in our daily life and in a sustainable future. It is our duty to teach the younger generation responsible uses of wood. Therefore, the Children's Event of 2018 World Wood Day curated wood education classes with specially designed interactive exhibitions to nurture a sense of respect and responsibility towards wood, forest and nature.

Can you distinguish between wooden spoons, plastic spoons and metal spoons with your eyes closed? Can wood transmit sound? Can wood be used to blow bubbles? These are some questions Dr. Yang Ping, Professor at the Education Department of Kumamoto University, Japan, posed during wood education classes to Cambodian students. The class presented colorful slides and interesting experiments and introduced the concept 'Wood is Good!" explaining why wood is so good. At the end of class, the students participated in an "I Love Tree" drawing exercise to show what they understand about wood and its advantages. It was a great way to show what they have learned and to express their love of wood and nature.

The children also enjoyed other projects of World Wood Day - watching wood carvings, trying woodturning, making their own wooden puppets and toys, and participating in the tree planting. All these hands-on experiences inspired their creativity, passed our passion for wood to the next generation, and sowed the seed of love for wood into their hearts.