This year's Collaborative Project brought together 14 artists from around the world. The team included furniture makers, painters, turners, sculptors, fashion and set designers, and carvers. Playing off the theme of 'Life' and a visit to Angkor Wat, the team incorporated ideas of passageways and crossroads into their project. One of the highlights of the project was a visit from three Cambodian art masters during the design stage of the project. They offered their knowledge and suggestions, notably the idea of incorporating the shape of a lotus flower in the piece. The challenge of designing and building the piece was defined by the limitations of tools. With no stationary equipment such as a table saw or bandsaw, the team had to concoct quick and sound creative solutions during the building process. The success of the piece became quickly evident upon the opening of World Wood Day when streams of visitors paused to look and walk through the passages, having to choose their path. The piece is very visually striking and it appears different from each vantage point of the petals, similar to a lotus reaching skyward.