International Woodcarving Show

The international woodcarving program provides a platform for artists to showcase their craftmanship and creativity in this ancient and longstanding art form and serves as a nexus for the public to enter a dialogue with the carvers directly. The program has hosted 120 wood carvers from more than 80 different countries and regions. Artists either work together to carve a slab that reflects the theme as a team interwoven with their own culture, background and experience, resulting in one of a kind pieces of art, or individually crave their standalone piece. The collaborative creative process organically provides opportunities to share and learn from each other. Each artist also brings finished carvings from home that shows their talent and their unique perspective. Visitors are able to see various wood carving styles being presented during the event.


Woodcarving Program Policy

General Policy

  1. The woodcarving program contains 3 and a half working days in Tokyo Ryutsu Center (3/16 ~ 3/19). Daily working hours start from 9:00 ~12:00; 13:00~18:00.
    The venue will be switching to Bunkyo Civic Center (3/20 ~ 3/22) for 3 days of grand exhibition and tours.
  2. The program has three options of participating:
    1. Group Work on Wood Slab:
      Artists can choose to work in a small group of 3~4 people on one single wood slab of relief wood carving. This collaboration provides the unique experience to interact and learn from each other. With only 7~10 wood slabs provided on site, should you have any interest in joining the group work, please inform your contact person as soon as possible.
    2. Individual Work on rough cut home sourced wood:
      In order to showcase different wood species from many regions and demonstrate woodcarving, artists who decide to work individually can bring a rough cut of your unfinished piece from home. Please keep in mind you have 3 and half days to demonstrate your skill and finish on site. The material also can’t have any tree bark on it because of Japanese customs regulations.
    3. Individual Work on Japanese sourced wood:
      We will provide different sizes and shapes of wooden blocks for artists who wish to start from scratch and gain inspiration through local materials.

    Please see below pictures to get a better idea of these three methods

    Wood Slab

    Home Source Wood

    Local Wood
    *** Please keep in mind you have 3 and a half days to demonstrate your skill and finish on site.
  3. Artists need to bring one or more art pieces for on site exhibition, these art pieces have no specifying themes but best represent your culture and art. Please kindly provide photos and a short description of the piece you bring via email. Please pay attention to the free baggage allowance for international route sectors. Art works will return to artists when the event ends.
  4. All participating carvers are required to bring one carved panel in the size (30.5 cm x 30.5cm x 4cm) under the theme " Legacy”. The panel will be donated to the organization for project "Forest Totem" and will be assembled during the event.  Please also write a brief description on how it is inspired by the theme, it can be sent via email. Carving can be free form and does not need to be oriented with grain direction, but please be aware that there should be no carving or writing of your name and country on the actual edges of the board.
    *Carving only one side (brown side)
    *No carving on edge (red side)
    *Signature can be only on back side
    *Please keep the square-shape
  5. The large machinery will be provided on site. However we encourage woodcarvers to bring your own hand tools. In order to reduce creating dust inside the venue, chainsaw and other power tools can be use in a tented area outside of the building

Media Policy

  1. The media crew of the International Woodcarving Show will be documenting either in video and photograph form to capture your participation during the 2020 WWD in Tokyo. After the event is concluded, we will edit a short video for each of the participants to share or use. It will be uploaded to your own IWCS profile Gallery on our Official Website
  2. Quick Interviews will be conducted throughout the event. If you are not ready when our team requires an interview, please feel free to set up another time with us. The last thing we want is to interrupt your creation flow.
  3. General questions that will be asked are:
    1. What’s the idea behind the artwork you created during the event and how it related to this year’s theme “Legacy”?
    2. Please share the story behind the art piece you brought from home.
    3. How do you define the motif in your work? What inspires you to carve?
  4. Our staff will give out an art piece description form to fill out toward the end of the event. (Preferably in English) We will use these descriptions as contents doing our editing process and for your own profile on our official WWD website.



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