Welcome to 2020 World Wood Day

2020 World Wood Day (WWD) will celebrate its 8th annual event with the theme LEGACY with the international event in Tokyo, Japan (March 17-22) and various regional events. WWD is a multicultural and multifaceted approach to promote wood as a good eco-friendly material. This year will explore legacies of wood use, rooted in tradition and culture, and what it means for the future. Participants and public alike will be able to exchange and experience a diverse array of wood culture tied to legacy that will guide them to better contribute towards a sustainable future.


World Wood Day 2020 Promo Video

23 Jan, 2020
World Wood Day (WWD) 2020 will celebrate its 8th annual event with the theme LEGACY at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center on March 17th - 19th and Bunkyo Civic Center on March 20th - 22nd in Tokyo, Japan.

WWD 2020 IYAFMI Promo Video

22 Jan, 2020
The International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational (IYAFMI) 2020 is meant to provide young talents from around the globe a friendly-based platform to showcase and exchange their skills in both Individual Project and the Team Collaboration Project

WWD 2020 Woodturning Demonstration Promo Video

22 Jan, 2020
To continuously promote and popularize the woodturning craft, we will as usual invite woodturning artists to introduce and demonstrate woodturning skills by using the modern electric lathe and the traditional human-powered lathe.

World Wood Day