Wood Architecture

To highlight World Wood Day 2016, we are creating an event to assemble architects to design and build a wood pavilion, tiered- temple and wood museum. The purpose of these projects is to showcase the benefits of wood architecture as an expression of culture and promote wood as a natural, affordable, and environmentally sustainable building material. Besides the pavilion and the pagoda, we will be featuring a Wood Culture Museum for Nepal. Finally, there will be a Wood Architecture Symposium presenting topics such as, earthquake-resistant wood structures, green buildings, the repair and conservation of traditional architectures.

i Memorial Stupa
Led by renowned sculptor David Best, the Temple Crew and local artists build the stupa in Bungamati, a well-known traditional woodcarving village that was severely hit in the earthquakes.

ii Tiered- Temple
Duplicating the Kileshwor Shiva Temple structure frame in a 1:1 scale model, the team showcase the ingenuity of traditional ancient wooden techniques.

iii Wood Culture Museum

World Wood Day