Regional Event in Kaihua, China

Sponsored by the International Wood Culture Society and the Kaihua County People’s Government of China, the “Belt & Road” 1st International Root Carving Cultural Exchange Week was held in Kaihua County, hometown of Chinese root carving arts, Zhejiang province of China from December 1-7, 2017.

Following the World Wood Day 2017’s theme, “Roots”, this event aims to showcase the contemporary carving art and skill through diverse culture and different perspectives, strengthen the exchange of worldwide root carving art and culture, and promote the inheritance and innovation of root carving art. 15 brilliant woodcarvers from 14 countries of Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa were invited to this event. Beside the woodcarving program, a forum on “root carving art and culture” and an exhibition was held concurrently. The artists visited the ancient village of Kaihua County and wooden-toy factories in Yunhe County of Zhejiang province.

List of Participants
Australia - Gary FIELD
France - Guilhem BOUISSOU
Hungary - Antal ENGLERT
Indonesia - Budi Purnama
Italy - Kurt Ferdinand WIERER
Japan - Hikaru KODAMA
Lithuania - Kęstutis GRIGONIS
Philippines - Wilfredo Tadeo LAYUG
Russia - Petr NOSIKOV
Saudi Arabia - Ali Homood AL JASER
Saudi Arabia - Essam JAMEEL
Switzerland - Martin BILL 
Ukraine - Volodymyr MESHCHERIAKOV
Vietnam - PHAM Duc Hong
Zambia - Charles CHAMBATA

Belt & Road

World Wood Day