The theme for the year 2014 World Wood Day is "Wood in a Changing Culture".

Under the context of globalization, the world has been greatly affected by a move towards economic development, urbanization and increasing consumption of natural resources. Ecological environments have been altered over the course of time as changing cultural values have overridden traditional culture and influenced people's mindsets and behaviors. Blending of the new and the traditional is not the only result. Having been interpreted differently across the world, norms and practices also greatly influence traditions, values and cultures. The value and use of wood, for instance, have also changed in response to the changing world. Wood, therefore, as an eco-friendly and renewable biomaterial, has become increasingly crucial to sustainable living.

2014 World Wood Day will be celebrated from March 20th to 25th, and is going to bring to the world a feast of arts and creativity, culture and knowledge, fun and recreation, and caring and support. This week-long celebration will be held at the Xianyou County, Fujian Province of China, where representatives from more than 50 countries and regions will be invited to participate in the grand global and cultural event Activities include a symposium, woodcraft activities, wood education and children's event, tree planting, exhibition and other activities related to the arts and humanities that acknowledge wood, to share their perspectives and that of their communities on wood with the world.

Instead of limiting the operation to a single country, the celebratory activities will also be broadened and organized in several regions spanning the globe. We are excited and proud to invite everyone around the world to participate in, and enjoy this cultural event on a global scale with us.

2014 World Wood Day Celebration & The International Wood Culture Exposition

Date: March 20-25, 2014
Venue: China Classical Art Exposition City, Baoquan Craft Industry Park, Xianyou County, Fujian province, China

We suggest that participants arrive at Fuzhou Changle International Airport or Xiamen Gaoqi International Ariport, Fuajian Province, China. Pickup at both airports will be arranged during 19-20 March 2014. By train, participants should disembark at Putian Station, which is 50km from Xianyou County. Pickup from Putian Station will only be scheduled. Please notify and confirm arrival times with the committee at your earliest convenience.

Xianyou County is part of Putian City, located in eastern coast of Fujian Province. The total area of the County is 1815 km2 and the total population of the county is about 100 million.Due to its development in the arts and crafts industry, Xianyou County is the main distribution and trading center of Arnotto tree in China and was designated the "City of Chinese classical furniture" by the Chinese Arts and Crafts Association. With a total construction area of about 360,000 m2, Fujian Xianyou China Classical Art Expo City is a high-end industrial base in function of trading, convention, R&D, logistics and tourism.



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