Wood Culture Tour

Date: March 25th, 2014

Places: Putian Arts and Crafts Center and Meizhou Island, Putian City, Fujian province

Putian Arts and Crafts Center, about 4700,000 m2, is one of the largest professional arts and crafts trade markets in China. The center offers exhibition rooms, promotional booths and other public service facilities. The woodcarving exhibition hall collects exquisite woodcarving works from China and Southeast Asia. It has now become the world's largest sandalwood and agarwood trading center.

Composed of thirty-odd small islands and reefs, Meizhou Island is the second largest island of Putian City. The entire island is 9.6 km by 1.3 km, covering 14.35 km2 and a coastline of 30.4 km. Meizhou Island is distinct with its long and narrow shape like arched eyebrows and therefore, is known as the "Southern Penglai" in China. There are thirty-odd scenic and historical spots on the islands.

Post-WWD Woodcarving Cultural Exchange Program (optional)

Cultural exchange tours to various cities around China will take place following the WWD celebration. Invited artists will be attending activities such as woodturning and woodcarving demonstrations, together with historic site tours.

2014 WWD event sponsors will cover domestic travel, accommodation, and meals for the invited artists during the above trips. If any of invited artists will not participate in all aforementioned trips, please inform us the departure dates. We will arrange transportation to the nearest airport. Those who wish to attend are responsible for their own expenses.

World Wood Day