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The WWD 2023 theme is Wood in Cultural Heritage.

"Wood in Cultural Heritage" is a continuation of the 2022 theme "Trees for Good: Challenges, Opportunities, Sustainability" to emphasize the role of wood in human history, lifestyle and environment.

Wood has been widely used for various structural and non-structural purposes and their distinct uses has even characterized regions, societies and ethnicities around the world from historical, recent and contemporary scenarios. Wood has been mainly used in buildings and other structures, as well as for decorative, artefact, ritual and spiritual reasons upon which an inherent emotional link between humanity and wood of various forms, products and materials has developed over thousands of years which is currently recognized as “wooden cultural heritage”.

Historical wooden cultural heritage provides insights on the technological and sociological progress of that era of use, reflecting past human history, science, arts and culture. Besides historical (and ancient) wood, it should also be appreciated that contemporary and new generation wooden products will naturally involve embedded human attachment and hence a sense of cultural heritage for these recent and newer wooden products.

With the continuation of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the 2023 WWD will once again be virtual with a vast array of programs as well as many regional events in different parts of the world.


An Excerpt of Peking Opera - Climbing the Mountain, Fighting the Tiger

24 May, 2023
“Climbing the Mountain, Fighting the Tiger” excerpted from the Peking Opera work "Outsmart the Tiger Mountain" was recomposed by the founder of the group, Wang Jiaxun, in 1995 and premiered at the Pontivi Festival in France in 1997.

Woodworking With Children - WWD China Corresponding Activity

22 May, 2023
Children’s event is one of the most important programs of World Wood Day celebrations and has been carried on since WWD 2013. To welcome World Wood Day 2023, the workshop of Woodworking With Children was organized on March 18 in Wucheng district of Jinhua

The 4th Festival Dary 2022-2023 (Chad) - Ancient life in MAYO-KEBBI EST

12 May, 2023
MAYO-KEBBI EST is one of the 23 regions of the Republic of Chad. MAYO-KEBBI EST was present at the Dary Festival held in Ndjamena the capital city of Tchad. The region was present at the month long event to showcase its diversity in terms of tradition...

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