Special Movie Project

To highlight the unique role of wood in human history and emphasize the importance of roots in different societies, a special movie project was initiated for 2017 World Wood Day. IWCS teams and international producers were asked to make a 20 to 30 minute- long movie reflecting the theme of this year, "Roots".

From fiction to documentary, these movies show a diversity of topics and approaches though they ultimately reach the same goal of urging all of us to review and embrace our roots. Among the project productions, Roots of Lacrosse and Symphony of the Ceiba were selected to preview at the Movie Nights during the 2017 World Wood Day in Long Beach. Received with positive feedback from WWD participants, the two movies along with the other great ones are now released on this page as sharing part of the fruitful project outcomes.

Movie List:

  1. Roots of Lacrosse by IWCS team
  2. Symphony of the Ceiba by Gabriela Arnal
  3. Roots by Jon Constantinou
  4. Roots by Richard Duckett
  5. Sevan's Bed by Valerio Oldano
  6. Traveling Tree by Hiba Chaari
  7. We are still here by IWCS team



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