Regional event in South Africa

Theme: Nature and Culture for a Sustainable Future
Date: 4 - 6 September
Venue: BAT Centre, Durban

1. Matamela Meshark Raphalalani
2. Avhashoni Federick Mainganye
3. Avhapfani Ronald Raphalalani
4. Phumlani Mkhize
5. Clement Sizwe
6. Sibonelo Hlengwa
7. Manuel Castilho Mangue

1. Carl Roberts
2. Dina Cormick
3. Magoro Azwimpheleli Gerson

Winner: Matamela Meshark Raphalalani
1 st runner- up: Sibonelo Hlengwa

7 woodcarvers from different parts of South Africa gathered at BAT Centre, Durban to compete the seat of representing their home country in 2016 World Wood Day Celebration. Given only 16 hours, they were asked to give the piece of wood they brought a second life, turning it into an immortal art piece. Interpreting the theme in their own way, their works truly showed what South African spirits are - vivid and diverse.

The 1 st and 2nd prize winners, Mr. Matamela Meshark Raphalalani and Mr. Sibonelo Hlengwa, as well as the jury, Mr. Magoro Azwimpheleli Gerson have also been invited to showcase their skills and art pieces in XIV World Forestry Congress from 7 to 11 September.


World Wood Day