Regional Event in Yiwu & Dongyang, China

On April 27th – 30th, an exhibition was held in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province of China as part of WWD regional event. 180 pieces (sets) of art piece created by 90 talented artists from 64 countries were brought to Zhejiang Yiwu International Convention and Exhibition Center for display. Among them, about 100 pieces were outcomes of 2014 WWD Woodcarving Show. They were completed within 4 days during the Woodcarving Show themed "Homeland" in Xianyou, Fujian Province of China at that time.   Each of them reflected excellent carving skills and the characteristics of the artist. Besides, a book which covers pictures of all these displays was introduced to Chinese wood enthusiasts in this 4- day exhibition.

After the exhibition in Yiwu, all the pieces were moved to the China Woodcarving Museum in Dongyang, another city in Zhejiang Province which is famous for Dongyang woodcarving. The exhibition is planned to last for 3 months there.

Woodcarving Show

World Wood Day