Research Grant

World Wood Day Foundation Grant (WWDF Grant) is set up for the purpose of encouraging research studies focused on “wood and culture”. Both ongoing projects and new initiatives are welcome to apply. 


2018-2019 Application announcement

Call for Papers is now closed, thank you for your submissions. The IWCS committees will now Peer Review work and submitters will receive their results in late March.

2018-2019 Call for proposals (LINK

2017-2018 Award announcement

Name Institution Project title
Benjamin Gearey University College Cork, Cork, Ireland The Pallasboy Project: Final Phase
Michael Grabner University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU, Vienna, Austria The History of Wood Culture – The Oldest Wooden Goods Around the Globe
Ellie Richards Penland School of Crafts, USA Process, Product, Place: Investigating Wood Practices Behind the Ghanaian Fantasy Coffins
2017-2018 Call for proposals (LINK)


Previous Announcements


Name Institution Project title
Benjamin Gearey University College Cork Investigating Woodworking Skills and Techniques in Irish Prehistory: Phase 2
LIU Guan Art & Design School, Beijing Forestry University Artistic Studies of Bog-wood in Chinese Cultural Background
Kathy Foley (Mary Kathleen) University of California Santa Cruz Seaching for Golek; Cultural Fusion of Indonesian, Chinese, Indian Elements in Sundanese Wayang Golek
2016-2017 Call for proposals (LINK)



Name Institution Project title
Benjamin Gearey University College Cork Investigating Woodworking Techniques and Skills in Irish Prehistory: Reconstructing the Pallasboy Vessel.
Jason L. Newton Syracuse University Common Labor, Common Lands: Farmers, Lumberjacks, and the Rise of Industrial Capitalism in the 'Wooden World' of the Northern Forest, 1850-1900
Sara Robinson Oregon State University Discovering the Historical Culture of Spalting in Peru
2015-2016 Call for proposals (LINK)



Name Institution Project title
Mechtild Mertz Centre de recherche sur les civilisations d'Asie orientale, Paris Wood Identification of Ancient Temple Structures in Ladakh Located in the Western Himalayas
Tuula Moilanen Aalto University CHERRY WOOD - A MIRROR OF JAPANESE LIFE AND CULTURE, Research on the use of mountain cherry and its substitutes in Japanese traditional and contemporary woodblock printmaking and publishing
Anila Naeem NED University of Engineering and Technology Wooden Symphonies of Bygone Times: Perishing Legacy of Traditional Havelis
Bernhard Seliger Hanns-Seidel-Foundation The use of wood in the inner-Korean borderland - energy, traditional life style, and art? The case of Goseong, a County of Wood and Culture
Francois Tainturier  Inya Institute (Research Institute for Myanmar Studies) Teak monasteries, Lineage, and Craftsmanship: A Socio-Cultural Survey of Master Carpenters and Wood Carvers in Mandalay, Myanmar
2014-2015 Call for proposals (LINK)


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