10 woodturners from 8 countries were invited to the woodturning program for 2018 World Wood Day. Woodturners from Australia, France, Israel and Kuwait presented their extraordinary skills using modern electric lathes.

Local woodturners brought their huge lathes to the venue and showed works from their daily life. Two Chinese traditional lathes, a foot-powered lathe and a bow lathe were presented by the intangible cultural heritage bearer Master Li Xuemin. A traditional foot-turner from Morocco demonstrated different skills. An interesting human-powered lathe was demonstrated by Andy Chen from USA. Audiences were given opportunities to interact with woodturners and try all the different lathes themselves. There are some mini-lathes for children to experience the fun of woodturning.

The woodturners also produced some local style wooden towers. These wooden towers were combined with woodcarvings from around the world to form new artworks.