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Date: Mar 20 (Tue) - 25 (Sun), 2018

Location: Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Program List

  • WWDF Research Grant, 2018-2019

    The World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) is pleased to announce that the Research Grant application is now open for the submission. WWDF invites applications from scholars and graduate students that focus on "Wood and Culture", a historical perspective is particularly encouraged to apply. Both ongoing projects and new initiatives are encouraged to apply. The proposals will be evaluated on their originality and scholarly excellence by a group of professionals from various disciplines.

    For more information, please visit here

  • Symposium


    March 21-23


    Wood for Life: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Development & The 1st IUFRO Forest Products Culture Research Group Colloquium

    2018 World Wood Day Symposium and the first IUFRO Forest Products Culture Research Group Colloquium jointly aim to encourage exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences derived from forest products related research, strategy and sustainable development. Focused topics are designed to raise awareness upon current issues facing the Greater Mekong Subregion and the world, and to enhance multidisciplinary discussions for the crucial role of wood and non-wood forest products in various cultures and sustainable development.


    1. Historical Utilization and Cultural Values
    2. Traditional Knowledge, Innovations and Practices
    3. Landscape and Biodiversity Conservation
    4. Art, Design, Architecture and Music
    5. International and Domestic Challenges
    6. Wood and Environmental Education

    The 2018 World Wood Day Symposium provides an effective and influential platform for international delegates representing global institutions and organizations of research, education and industry with the multidisciplinary background.

    The title and the body of abstracts are limited to 400 words in total. Due date for electronic submission of the speaker registration form Word/PDF is Monday, January 29th, by email to program coordinators (symposium@worldwoodday.org).

  • Collaborative Project

    The Collaborative Project gathers international and local woodcraft artists to design a large-scale installation that best uses the local wood and reflects the circumstances. In around two weeks of time, Michael Cullen, the Program Manager of the 2018 Collaborative Project, is going to lead the entire team to come up with a spectacular design in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

  • International Woodcarving Show

    The International Woodcarving Show has always been one of the highlights of World Wood Day celebration, which gathered numerous artisans from around the globe to showcase a wide range of creativity, formats and culture.

    Each year a different theme was selected for the participants, during this intensive week-long period, the audience witnessed how a raw piece of wood can be created into an unique artwork. Through the art of woodcarving, people exchanged, merged and shared their passion and skills with each other despite various culture backgrounds.

    2018 Woodcarving Show is going to aim on collaboration, most of our participants are going to work in a small group, while each of them has their own unique characteristics, a different approach might just spark creativity. The ultimate goal of the program is to rediscover how passion is shared beyond boundaries while creating a platform for like-minded people.

  • International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational (IYAFMI)

    As an element of WWD, the International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational (IYAFMI) gives young adults (25-year-old or younger) from around the globe an arena to showcase their talent in designing and creating bespoke wooden items in both individual and collaborative spheres. Techniques are exchanged and learned, appreciation and understanding of different cultures and influences are fast tracked and strong bonds are formed amongst the Invitees.

    The 2018 IYAFMI will comprise 4 Team Leaders selected from the first timers in the past year, 12 newcomers coming from all over the world along with 4 local invitees, all together to participate in both Individual and Collaborative Project.

    The Individual Project is “to design and build a piece of furniture which best represents the lifestyle and culture of your place of origin,” and the Collaborative Project “must be a piece of practical or multi-purpose furniture which can be used in everyday life.”

  • Woodturning Demonstration

    To continuously promote and popularize the woodturning craft, this year we will as always invite woodturning artists from all over the world to introduce and demonstrate the woodturning skills on the advanced electric lathes, the century-old traditional human-powered lathes, and the modernized pedal lathes.

    The Woodturning Demonstration isn’t merely a platform for woodturning artists to share and exchange skills, but a great opportunity for the public to learn more about the history of woodturning. Aside from the demonstration performed by the woodturning artists, audience is also able to experience woodturning craft under the guidance of the woodturning presenters.

  • Wood Design

    Wood Design is an amalgamation of many different disciplines, all centered around a common starting point: wood and forest products. We are furniture makers, artists, and designers. The members of the wood design team all utilize this material as a problem solving tool, looking for new and unique ways to understand and manipulate it. Whether creating sculpture, functional objects, or architectural forms, the common goal is to explore the material’s potential for addressing a variety of concerns such as environmental degradation, animal rights and habitats, political situations, access to resources, human comfort, beauty and much more. Wood design takes a contemporary look at a timeless material and asks, “what more can we do with this?”. We are a wagon wheel of practices, with wood as the hub at the center. From that center, each of our various takes on the material emanates, and we are all bound together by our love for working and this wonderful family of materials.

  • Folk Art Workshop

    Wooden folk art demonstrates the influence of wood and nature in our ordinary life and brings about extraordinary beauty. Infused with spirits and craftsmanship inherited from past generations, it lets us understand the value of tradition and thus, the importance of preserving our culture.

    "Folk Art & Traditional Craftsmanship Workshop" is a special program emphasized on interactive activities designed for both adults and kids. Not only limited to hands-on workshops as the program name suggests, it also includes exhibitions, demonstrations and presentations in order to highlight the aesthetic and cultural values of each folk art. Folk art made of non-timber forest products are also introduced to further show the importance of nature to human beings.

    We hope that the program can provide a window into folk art from around the world and inspire everyone to reflect on the benefits of wood in our life.

  • Music Festival

    Music is always part of the fabric of everyday LIFE. 2018 World Wood Day Music Festival will present the finest musicians to perform various traditional music beyond borders. Musicians will have their vast collection of rare wooden musical instruments on display and the audience will be given the opportunity to interact with the musicians and instruments.

    Please come check out the music festival at the 2018 World Wood Day and celebrate LIFE with all the finest musicians from around the world.

  • Children's Event

    Wood plays a prominent role in our daily life and in a sustainable future. It is our duty to teach the young generation the responsible wood use. Therefore, wood education classes together with specially designed interactive exhibitions aimed to nurture a sense of respect and responsibility towards wood, forest and nature were brought to the 2018 World Wood Day Children event. These activities will pass our passion of wood to the our next generation, sowing the seed of love in wood into children’s deep heart, and further nurture their interest in and appreciation of wood.

  • Tree Planting

    To mark World Wood Day and kick off the 5-day celebration in Cambodia, a Tree Planting ceremony will be held on March 21st. During the Grand Opening, special guests are invited to plant the trees symbolically. WWDF and IWCS will also sponsor 10,000 trees to be planted at the Russey Trep National Park in May.

  • Photo Contest

    As a reflection of the 2018 WWD theme "Life," the theme for the 2018 photo contest is "Wood and Life." The contest is divided into three categories, "People," "Heritage" and "Environment," to further elaborate the importance of wood being a part of our lives. We hope to encourage people to pay closer attention to their surroundings. Through these categories, we would like to remind the public the importance and true value of wood and its responsible uses in our lives.

    All three categories began on November 20, 2017 and ends on February 20, 2018. The results will be determined by a jury panel (80%) and public voting (20%) and winners will be announced on February 23, 2018.

    ​For more information, please visit http://worldwoodday.org/2018photocontest.php