International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational (IYAFMI)

The International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational (IYAFMI) 2019 comprised of the Individual Project and the Team Collaboration Project. The Individual Project is a source of personal pride to invitees which should result in varying national interpretations of the theme “Change” and a widely diverse range of projects. The Team Collaboration Project is an exercise in international collaboration, support and an opportunity for invitees to interact with peers and Team Leaders to shine. Team Austria, as the host country representative, would demonstrate the essence of Austrian craftsmanship and introduce a variety of local timber species from their project to the public. In addition, the involvement in the Stockmuehle Reconstruction Project and cross-program collaboration are going to be highlights of the IYAFMI and an extraordinary experience for all invitees.
To be eligible to participate, Invitees must have a Date of Birth after 21 March 1994.

Individual Project

The Individual project is a source of personal pride to Invitees which will result in varying national interpretations of the theme “Change” and a widely diverse range of projects. 10 first time invitees are supplied material to their own timber cutting list although the issued species may differ from Invitee to Invitee. Specifying and exchanging materials to accommodate colour contrasts is a possibility. Applications for Invitation require a paragraph on how the applicant interprets the theme “Change” in their design.

Teams Collaboration Project

The Teams Collaboration project is an exercise in international collaboration, support and an opportunity for Invitees to interact with peers and Team Leaders to shine. The 10 first time Invitees are divided into 3 teams and each team is assigned a Team Leader. Team Leaders are given the freedom to specify the material that their team will be using, ensuring that Team projects are noticeably different to the Individual projects. Emphasis on equal input from Leaders and Invitees will be increased. Team Leaders must supply a paragraph on their interpretation of the theme.
Collaborative teams will be selected and advised as quickly as possible and pre-event contact, discussion and collaboration will be via a Facebook page which will be established shortly.

Team Austria

In a World Wood Day first, a team of skilled and supportive past participants in IYAFMI will be selected to represent our host country. The team has benefitted from previous involvement and have risen to prominence on the world stage. “Team Austria” will be given a similar task to Teams Collaboration project.

Cross-program collaboration with woodcarvers and turners for projects is available. If at all possible, projects designed with the ability to easily stack, fold or de-mount is encouraged.


Program Info

Project Manager
Steve Bulman
Project Consultant
Anthony Fortner
Team Austria
Christian Buchegger
Jakob Ofenberger
Julian Fink
Team Leaders
Chin-Hao Cheng
Nicholas Johnston
Tomohiro Yamaguchi
First-Time Invitees
Bolin Huang
Elie Berard
Ethan Harrison
Grigorii Boretckii
Jernej Poročnik
Jhonny Grajales
José Serrano
Martinus Wicaksono
Qing Chen
Robert Blake
Table Saw
Drop/Chop Saw 
Belt Sander
Orbital Sander 
Cordless Drill 
Sandpaper, glue.


  Morning Afternoon Evening
March 17th
Arrive in Graz, AUSTRIA
March 18th

Museum Tour
9 am – 12 pm
Set-up & Registration
1:30 pm – 6 pm
March 19th
8 hours (9 pm – 6 pm)
March 20th
8 hours (9 am – 6 pm)
March 21st

World Wood Day &
Tree-Planting Ceremony

11 am – 12 pm
4 hours (2 pm – 6 pm)

Reception Dinner
6 pm - 8 pm
March 22nd
8 hours (9 am – 6 pm)
March 23rd
8 hours (9 am – 6 pm)
March 24th
Woodcraft Exhibition
1 pm – 7 pm
Closing Ceremony
4 pm – 5 pm
World Wood Day Concert
5:30 pm – 7 pm
March 25th
Depart from Graz, AUSTRIA


  1. Documents that you should bring for your entry into Austria
  2. For international participants, please kindly remember to bring your Passport or ID, valid Schengen Visa, and all documents that we have provided to you.
  3. Airport pick-up shuttle bus

    When you arrive at Vienna International Airport, please look for the welcome sign of WWD (as attached, it can be printed in black or color) in the arrival lobby.  Please kindly accept our apology that due to a huge number of guests, we are not able to put each of your name on the sign, but there will be a list of your arrival time on the courier's hand.
    Please refer to the following bus schedule, and note that the shuttle buses with the WWD welcome sign will pick up guests according to their arrival time.  Any additional shuttle bus arrangement will be updated.
    March 17
    13:00 @ Vienna Int'l Airport
    17:00 @ Vienna Int'l Airport

  4. Weather 
    The weather is averagely 7 ~ 10 degrees Celsius during the daytime, and it could be colder in the mornings and at nights.  We have prepared windbreaker jackets for participants but still hope that you can adjust your clothing and allow you to wear enough layers suitable for the weather.
  5. Event Venue Restrictions
    Please carefully pay attention to attached event venue restrictions for your kind help to protect the historical buildings and the outdoor forests and to ensure your safe and enjoyable event participation.  Plastic products, such as straws, bottles, bags...etc. are prohibited inside of the museum.
  6. Meals
    Please make sure you receive your name badge on the registration day (18th March).  You have to wear it throughout the event period. This will ensure you will be well recognized as WWD 2019 participants for mini buses transportation between your hotel and the event venues, and for your breakfast (if your accommodation is at A&O Graz), lunch and dinner at the Austrian Open-Air Museum during the event period.
  7. Accommodation 
    A&O Hostel Graz
    Address: Eggenberger Str. 7, 8020 Graz, Austria
    Tel: +43 316 5701623700
  8. Transportation between hotels and the Austrian Open-Air Museum during 18-23 March
    A&O Graz <-> Austrian Open-Air Museum
    Please refer to attached map of the bus pick up location (red-circled) for guests who stay at A&O Graz.  Please note the bus will depart at 8:20 AM sharp every morning, please be on time.  The bus leaves from the Museum to A&O Graz at 8:00 PM in the evenings after dinner.  Please note any change of the bus schedule will be announced on your arrival.
  9. Receipts for reimbursement
    Please remember to bring the receipts that require reimbursement.  We can only reimburse the amount that shows on the receipt.  The extra costs incurred for your personal pleasure during your stay is not included, for example, room service, mini bar in the room, transportation to different locations, etc.
  10. Emergency Contact information in Austria available from 17th March
    If you have any emergent inquiry anytime, please feel free to call on the number provided below.
    Michael Grabner (BOKU): +43 (0)664 845 3936
    Charlotte Lee (IWCS): +43 (0)664 9915 7978
















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IYAFMI videos from previous events



Furniture Maker
2019 WWD, IYAFMI, Furniture Making
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Furniture Maker
2019 WWD, IYAFMI, Furniture Making
2019 WWD, IYAFMI, Furniture Making
2019 WWD, IYAFMI, Furniture Making
2019 WWD, IYAFMI, Furniture Making
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Furniture Maker
Furniture Maker
Furniture Maker
Furniture Maker
Furniture Maker
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Furniture Maker
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Furniture Maker

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