World Wood Day 2019 Austria - Austrian Open Air Museum, Stübing Overview

11 May, 2020

World Wood Day 2019 Austria is the seventh annual cultural event held at the Austrian Open Air Museum, Stübing from 19-23 March 2019 with the theme Change. The museum was an ideal venue for the event with the immersive wood environment that contributed to the conversation of how wood is a good solution for Change for a sustainable environment. Domestic and international scholars, artists, musicians, educators, students and local officials all participated and contributed to the theme and Austrian wood and forest culture were well represented and shown. Visitors, children and the public were able to enjoy Austrian and international wood culture surrounded by 100 beautiful wooden historical buildings situated in a forest. 

Every WWD celebration is unique and distinctive in its own way and 2019 WWD is no exception. The success of 2019 WWD Austria was the result of the contributions and support from the participants and audience to a comprehensive program of wood and forest culture that can lead to practical changes and solutions for the future.

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