WWD 2019 - Woodturning Demonstration

25 Sep, 2019

Woodturning program was held at Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing, on March 20th -24th, 2019. 14 woodturning artists from 7 countries were invited to the demonstration. Woodturners from Austria, France, Kuwait, Puerto Rico and USA presented their extraordinary skills and techniques by using modern electric lathes. In addition, man-powered wooden lathes from Austria, Morocco and the United Kingdom were also on site demonstrating their traditional way of turning. Crowds of audiences were attracted by their unique skills, art forms and their passions. There are also mini-lathes for children to experience the fun of woodturning under the guidance of professional teachers from the Cool Tool.

In this video, woodturners introduced their works, their experience, and their ideas about the theme "Change", and talked about how changes caused by wood and woodturning to make life better.


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