Culture Tour

After the project, the artists took a tour of Swallow Cave Senic Region and the Jianshui Ancient Town, both of which are situated in the south of Kunming.

Known as one of "the biggest and most splendid cave in Asia", the Swallow Cave consists of a dry cave, a water cave and a natural forest with a total area of 100,000 square meters. Every year between spring and summer, thousands of swallows fly there to build nests and give birth to baby swallows.

The Jianshui Ancient Town is located in south of Kunming. The history of the town can be dated back to Nanzhao State (738-937). More than 15 ancient buildings have remained. Among the most culturally revered are the Zhu Family Garden, the so-called “Grand View Garden” of southern Yunnan Province, and the Confucius Temple.

The culture tour in Yunnan concluded with a visit to the cultural mixture of the Han and many other ethnic groups of South Yunnan in the Confucius Temple. The beauty and profundity of Chinese culture have been discovered when the West met the East.

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