African Union

The Future is Africa     Video (1:01) (07:50) 

The AU Pavillion will take you on a journey from the time our Pan-African organisation was formed, showcase Africa’s achievements and highlight pathways for investment as underlined in the Africa's developmental blueprint - The AU Agenda 2063 Aspirations.



Voyage of Life     Video (0:49) (07:14) 

Voyage through the rich heritage of Algeria. In a Casbah inspired structure, you are invited to go on a 'rihla', a journey to discover Algeria's sights, sounds, people, history and future aspirations.



Connecting with Tradition to Innovate     Video (1:01) (09:50) 

Angola Pavilion is a tribute to indigenous tradition and a future of innovation.  Be inspired by Sona geometry, an ancient art of sand drawings that was used to transfer knowledge for generations.  Revisit traditional wisdom in innovative ways to rethink local and global problems.



Creating Future Solutions Inspired by Traditions     Video (1:00) (06:38) 

When innovation is rooted in tradition and history. See how we can live in harmony with nature and build solutions to current challenges in a pavilion that celebrates women, indigenous knowhow and cultural heritage.


Burkina Faso

Land of Honest People     Video (1:00) (08:22) 

The crossroads of major cultural and sports events in Africa. Get to know a country the prides itself for its honest, hardworking people. Discover Burkina Faso's natural resources and rich culture, through wonderous African cinema and crafts.



Cameroon and the Challenges of Climate Change     Video (0:50) (08:44) 

Discover a land of stunning scenery and 200-plus languages. Experience 'Africa in miniature' at the Cameroon Pavilion, which highlights the nation's geographical, cultural and human diversity, as well as its efforts to create a more sustainable future.


Central African Republic

Let's Save Household Energy     Video (0:58) (08:35) 

See the embodiment of symbiosis between humans and nature, technology and nature, and relations between humans, through a showcase of know-how around the issue of environmental protection.



A Flower in Bloom     Video (1:01) (06:26) 

Pick up a mystical ring and journey through a garden of marvels, explore how Comoros' storied past paves the way for its bright future and make a wish for a better tomorrow.


Côte d’Ivoire

The Path to A New Africa     Video (1:00) (09:49) 

Go behind the scenes in Côte d'Ivoire, ground-zero of Francophone culture in West Africa!  Explore our unique, amazing story – where chocolate meets fashion and vibrant music.


Democratic Republic of Congo

We Make Africa's Heart Beat     Video (0:59) (09:32) 

Feel the incredible abundance and beauty of the country. Meet the dynamic, creative and innovative Congolese people, immerse yourself in beautiful nature and dance to the rhythm of the Democratic Republic of Congo while listening to our music.



Land of Opportunities and Prosperity    Video (0:48) (12:06) 

Explore Egypt's past, present and vision for the future. Uncover the story of Egyptians and our past/present achievements. Embark on a new era of opportunities and celebrate a vision of a prosperous future for tourism, infrastructure, education and more.


Equatorial Guinea

Transforming Tomorrow    Video (1:00) (09:17) 

Ripe for transformation and replete with resources. A country at the forefront of a sustainable future, with the freedom and mobility of independence, incredible biodiversity and the investment potential of its tourist, mining and agricultural sectors.



The Land of Origins and Opportunity    Video (0:59) (10:16) 

Explore the oldest independent country in Africa.  Come to the cradle of humanity and begin your journey from the dawn of time. Witness the culture and values that's shaped the Ethiopia of today: a living hub that drives and facilitates connections.



Harmony with Nature    Video (0:50) (08:39) 

In this video we are with Gina NZENGUE the director of Gabon pavilion.  She first introduced the artworks displayed in her pavilion, how they represent her country.  She also discussed with us her understanding of SUSTAINABILITY, OPPORTUNITY and CHALLENGES.  Let’s discover together what Gabon has as contribution to reach our common goal.



A Sanctuary for Tomorrow    Video (0:37) (09:07) 

A small nation making big strides, improving infrastructure for greater mobility, restoring forestry for renewed opportunity and agricultural productivity, plus energy efficiency for sustainability.



Limitless Opportunities    Video (0:53) (09:05) 

Akwaba!  Welcome to Ghana Unlimited – West Africa's hotspot for fashion, music and business.  Be transported to the trading floor of a stock exchange with a distinctly Ghanian look and feel.



Journey through History and Heritage through Water    Video (1:00) (10:30) 

Full of abundance and ready to reach its potential.  See Guinea as not only the source of water but also the source of several aspects of West African history and culture.  Let's co-create and innovate to tackle water challenges.



A Microcosm of Africa’s Spirit    Video (1:00) (07:37) 

Discover a nation where the ideas flow with the currents.  A single nation microcosm of Africa’s diversity of peoples, cultures, landscapes and wildlife. Gather insights and learn about the country’s ambitions as you make your way through the pavilion.



Weaving Together the Fabric of Tomorrow    Video (0:35) (06:11) 

The Liberia Pavilion at Expo 2020 presents the richness of Liberian culture and history by showcasing the traditional dances, 16 tribal masks, 100-year-old brozes, and wooden musical instruments, fabric and cotton, and the wildlife of the rainforest.



Sustainable Sanctuary of Nature    Video (0:59) (06:59) 

An island sanctuary rich in biodiversity and opportunity. One of the world’s most unique eco-tourist destinations, boasting plant and animal species found nowhere else on the planet. Discover the island’s remarkable attractions and potential for investment.



The River of Gold    Video (0:29) (14:14) 

WWD 2021 2nd Annual Regional Event in Iran (themed Wood & CO2) was directed by Alireza Bavandpour, organized by Amirhosein Bavandpour, and co-organized by World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) on 12-15 October, 2021 in Kermanshah, Iran.  30 artists were invited to the event participated in the program of Woodcraft Project & Wooden Music.  The project was to design a masked planet, and get oxygen from a tree on top of it.  It was an environmental message to the world, we have to take care of the earth.



Tradition and Modernity of Sustainable Development    Video (0:48) (06:01) 

Mauritania is the vital bridge linking North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. From the vast open plains in the North, to the fertile pastoral South, the appetite for tourism and business is immense. The travel and investment opportunities are as diverse as Mauritania itself.



The Roots of the Future    Video (1:00) (08:07) 

Explore the tropical paradise riding waves in the Indian ocean while experiencing the cultural diversity and hospitality of the Mauritian people and unpacking the achievements of a role model nation.



Interactive Tale about Crafts    Video (0:33) (04:48) 

Wood Culture Tour takes you to Word Expo 2020 in Dubai UAE!  Join us for an unforgettable journey awaits you at Morocco Pavilion.  Houssain Driouach explains his well calculated carving he did in the center of the pavilion.



Preserving Natural Treasures for Future Generations    Video (0:57) (10:20) 

The Namibian Pavilion is inspired by the country’s natural resources and aiming to showcase the country’s potential to generate sufficient and sustainable energy for both local consumption and export.



Rising in Value    Video (0:58) (06:31) 

Nigeria is a nation with immeasurable potential and opportunities and a country with a promising future.  Let’s walk through 'Opportunity City' and its streets bursting with energy: Resilience Avenue, Respectful Avenue, Hardworking Avenue and Enterprising Avenue.


Republic of Burundi

Beating Out the Rhythms of the Future    Video (0:53) (08:04) 

The land of legendary hospitality. Showcasing some of Burundi’s greatest marvels, unique cultural traditions and its welcoming and hardworking people, with the aim of attracting tourists, business partners and investors.



Remarkable Rwanda    Video (0:34) (11:40) 

Rwanda is a beacon of hope and model of African progress.  Journey through time, experience Rwanda as a kingdom, discover stories of culture and heritage, and witness the remarkable pace the country has grown through leadership and innovation


São Tomé and Príncipe

Managing Environmental Sustainability with Development    Video (0:00) (07:07) 

Let's embark on a fascinating journey to discover how São Tomé and Príncipe protects its environment and traditions, while achieving sustainable socio-economic development and prosperity for its people.



The Protected Treasure    Video (0:29) (08:24) 

Protecting the Islands of Seychelles and embark on a treasure hunt with our team to discover a treasure untouched by men and that money can't buy, a treasure unseen: The Seychelles Islands.



A Window to Experience the Full Breadth of Tanzania    Video (1:00) (06:57) 

Go on an engaging trip of a lifetime and see Tanzania's beauty and potential. See how we aim to achieve our vision of becoming a trading hub that connects Africa to the world.



Right Place, Right Time    Video (0:53) (05:29) 

Every African adventure starts in Uganda.  There's a time and place for everything.  Inspired by Uganda’s famous tours, go on a journey linking different times, eras and places, and see how adventure and opportunity converge in today’s Uganda.



The Land of A Great People    Video (0:59) (06:59) 

The Zimbabwe Pavilion is focusing on the culture, people, heritage and fertile land of Zimbabwe, and as well as highlighting the vision of embracing technology and a better smart life for Zimbabwean people.


World Wood Day