Small Country, Giant Opportunities    Video (09:01) (0:52)

With World Wood Day Wood culture tour at expo 2020 in Dubai learn more about Andorra and its pavilion.  Andorra is a small country with huge opportunities.  It showcases in its pavilion the innovative possibilities, environmental and forest sustainability policies and strategies as well as its culture.



Austria Makes Sense    Video (09:28) (0:59)

"Austria Makes Sense" is the theme of Austria Pavilion in EXPO 2020. Explore the 5 senses of Smell, Touch, Hearing, Eyesight and Taste within the Pavilion.  38 shiny white cones form the pavilion ensemble.  The sophisticated architectural concept turns the simple shape of a cone into a complex, merging space.  An architecture that combine the Arabic and Western Design to give an opportunity for sustainable building in the future.



Forest of Future Technology    Video (09:58)  (0:58)

Learn from the natural world through a forest experience. Discover how nature and technology can help us grow together. Just as trees in a forest grow stronger and live longer when they stand together, we can also share a better future through collaboration.



Diversity in Harmony    Video (12:54)  (0:37)

The Belgium Pavilion, ’Green Arch' exhibits Belgian industrial, technological and scientific know-how, reflecting 'belgitude', a mix between Latin romanticism in art and Anglo-Saxon technical precision in industry.


Czech Republic

Spring Ambiance and Trailblazing Sustainability Initiatives    Video (11:39)  (0:57)

Czech Pavilion is a sustainable structure with a garden irrigated by the “cloud” designed by steel tubes to harvest water from the air using the “SAWER” system.  The SAWER stands for Solar, Air, Water, Earth, and Resource, and it’s a potential solution to grow plants in the desert.  Let’s follow the Head of Protocol to find out more about the Czech Spring!



Sharing Future Happiness    Video (11:38)  (0:55)

The snowy white Arabic tent architecture that situated in the Mobility District is the Finland Pavilion, some said that they brought snow to the desert, and in fact, they also brought the Finnish happiness to Dubai to share the future happiness.  Let’s enter the tent and explore more in the Gorge area.



An Engaging Look at an Environmental Trailblazer    Video (07:24)  (0:53)

'Enrol' at Campus Germany for an entertaining, surprising, hands-on digital experience. Based around a campus theme, Germany’s pavilion will blend creative environmental ideas with real-life results.


Baden-Würrtemberg House    Video (05:02)  (0:57)

Welcome to Baden-Württemberg House!  It’s a federal state of Germany located in the south west, 5% of the states are forest and it’s fairly common to see wooden building within the state.



Aqua Roots of Hungary    Video (08:43)  (0:57)

Where the water is, there are roots. Where the roots are, there is life.  Let's discover Hungary and its natural and cultural treasures.



Island of Inspiration    Video (09:54)  (0:57)

Our invitation is to come to Ireland and be inspired. We present Ireland as an unrivalled place of inspiration, with a long and deeply rooted heritage of ingenuity, imagination and innovation. Come to Ireland – be inspired!



Beauty Connects People    Video (11:17)  (0:34)

Experience a journey that takes you to the heart of Italy. See how creativity comes from different places and disciplines in an unprecedented journey through the Italy of Beauty, touching on the country’s extraordinary past, present and future.



Connecting the Unconnectable    Video (15:58)  (0:52)

Whispers of nature spoken by the latest technology.  Let's dig through the past and the challenges, see how experiments are a natural part of our lives and how discovery brings us closer to fulfilling our dreams.



Open for Co-creation of Global Solutions    Video (07:23)  (0:36)

See elements of tradition and modernity. The Lithuania Pavilion showcases partnership opportunities and technologies/solutions generated solely/partly by Lithuania to protect the environment and bring about global change.



Connecting Minds, Creating the Future    Video (07:43)  (0:59)

Welcome to “Resourceful Luxembourg - Where Luxembourg’s resources become your opportunities.”  Luxembourg is a country located in the heart of the Europe, the structure of the pavilion itself represents the openness, resourceful, and reliable of Luxembourg.  Luxembourg is also a multicultural country that welcomes everybody.  Let’s explore more about “Luxembourg’s diversity, connectivity, enterprising spirit, far-reaching commitment to sustainability and beautiful nature.”



A Place to find Yourself    Video (10:33)  (0:59)

The Moldova Pavilion is dedicated to the country brand 'Tree of Life', which tells about the country from the perspective of five areas: 'Discover', 'Taste', 'Invest', 'Craft' and 'Wine'.



Inspired by Nature    Video (12:59)  (0:25)

World Wood Day Wood culture tour is currently in Dubai expo 2020.  It brings you to discover Poland’s pavilion which according to Director Moneer Faour, is inspired by nature.  The spectacular architectural work is blended with different sorts of wooden elements to present the beauty of wood and nature.


San Marino

Future as a “Bio-State”    Video (10:49)  (1:00)

San Marino is one of the world’s oldest republics looks to the future.  This micro-state in Italy is among the world’s oldest republics.  San Marino's economy is based on service industries and tourism. It aims to be an innovation hub, and attract investors.



Green and Smart Experience    Video (09:10)  (0:51)

60% of Slovenia is covered by forests, and it’s the first country to be established as a Green Destination.  Slovenia Pavilion is designed to provide an enormous amount of outdoor greens with water covered by a gigantic wooden roof, the building itself looks like a floating green oasis.  Let’s follow the Commissioner General Matic Volk to explore the Slovenia Green!



Intelligence for Life    Video (16:44)  (0:57)

The Spain Pavilion is creating a more sustainable future for all and aims to become an example of intelligent creativity, capable of uniting people around sustainable projects in the fields of science, technology, production, education and art.



Swedish Forest - Co-Creation for Innovation    Video (10:01)  (0:30)

Wood Culture Tour in Dubai Expo 2020 takes you to Sweden Pavilion: The Forest in the Sustainability District!  The Pavilion features interactive simulation and give visitor an experience to walk and stroll in the woods.  5 Facts from the Sweden Pavilion Website below

  1. The Swedish Pavilion to Expo 2020 in Dubai is situated in the Sustainability District.
  2. For the first time ever a sustainable building completely in timber is erected in the UAE.
  3. Approximately 2,600 cubic meters of timber has been used for the structure.  Approximately half of it in the substructure.
  4. Every cubic meter of spruce timber, weighing approximately half a tonne, contains the carbon from almost 900 kg of CO2 (and the O2, the oxygen, now in the atmosphere.)
  5. A comparable structure in reinforced concrete would create a CO2 footprint of around 1,200 tonnes.  The net effect of “The Forest” as a timber building compared to a concrete structure is somewhere between 3,000 and 3,500 tonnes less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The Forest - Storing Carbon in Dubai    Video (09:12)  (0:57)

This mini-documentary presents the “Sustainable Forestry and Timber Construction” forum on 15th March at EXPO 2020 Dubai hosted by Sweden and Malaysia Pavilion.  Staffan Schartner, Head of Construction started a parallel guided tour of the Sweden pavilion.  Representatives from the Malaysian pavilion, amongst others, who share a common interest in a global movement for sustainable relation between forests and forest industry, were invited to discuss more about sustainable timber constructions and the benefits of using wood as a prime building material.



Reflections    Video (07:22)  (0:56)

Once-in-a-lifetime journey in Swiss nature and urban culture. The pavilion reflects Switzerland and its diversity – from magnificent landscapes to innovative projects and ideas for a sustainable future.


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