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The WWD 2021 theme is CO2 & Wood,  and the sub-theme is Wood: Carbon Storage because trees absorb CO2 and contain carbon within wood. Sustainable biodiversity forestry and responsible use of wood can expand carbon storage, and using wood can help reduce CO2 emissions.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WWD 2021 celebration will be virtual with some regional activities in compliance with local guidelines. Different programs will be held bimonthly on the weekend of the 21st. Continuous activities year round will bring more attention on the theme, more people to attend, and better networking possibilities.


WWD 2021 - CO₂ & Wood

25 Feb, 2021
WWD 2021 - CO₂ & Wood promotional video is now available in different languages.

WWD 2021 - Automata (Promo)

09 Feb, 2021
Promotional clip for World Wood Day 2021 Automata.

WWD 2021 Woodturning Demonstration (trailer)

04 Feb, 2021
Promotional clip for World Wood Day 2021 Woodturning program.

World Wood Day