WWD 2020 Regional Event in Oman

21 Apr, 2020

The WWD event in Oman, which will provide the best visual and invaluable experiences of protecting forests and wood culture. The celebration aims to raise awareness and understanding of the key role that wood plays in a sustainable world through biodiversity and forest conservation.

Organizer: Prof. Khalil Salim abdullah alkalbani
Co-Organizer: World Wood Day Foundation
Date: Mar. 8 ~ Mar. 13, 2020
Theme: Legacy
Location: Ibri, Oman
Participants: Around 25 teachers

Woodcraft Project
The Woodcraft project, the theme is “Legacy" for the wood Art, Joy and Culture, aims to bring on-the-spot woodcarving experiences and cultural messages carried by the wood arts to the audiences.

Introduction to wooden sculpture and its applications
Building flat and stereoscopic wooden sculpture designs
Flat sculptural for wood art applications
Wood work for stereoscopic artwork
Artistic directing of sculpture works in wood
Plant trees

World Wood Day