Middle East


League of Arab States

One Thousand and One Keys    Video (06:27)  (0:48)

Unlocking the full potential of an integrated Arab world. How will the Arab world achieve its full potential? Journey through seven decades of Arab achievement and come together to find the ‘keys’ to an integrated and prosperous Arab nation.


Islamic Republic of Iran

An Ancient and Stable Civilization, A Welcoming Nation    Video (08:31)  (1:00)

The Islamic Repubic of Iran Pavilion is a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture.  It showcases Iran's economy, social development and culture.  It highlights peaceful coexistence and presents Iran’s ancient civilization and traditions, its rituals and its people.



An Ambitious Gateway to the Future    Video (10:22)  (0:59)

Kuwait is committed to sustainable development to deliver a secure and prosperous future for its economy, environment, cities and people.



Opportunities Over Time    Video (11:17)  (0:37)

The Oman Pavilion is inspired by the nature of the country, the frankincense tree.  Let’s discover the secret of frankincense and its contribution to Oman, everything from medicine to food to cosmetics.



We Will Rise Together    Video (06:38)  (0:53)

The Pavilion is collectively build by 1500 families to be rising together.  It showcases the rich Syrian culture as a nation and as individuals.


United Arab Emirates(UAE)

Investment Corporation of Dubai - Ensuring Growth and Long-Term Prosperity of Dubai’s Economy    Video (08:23)  (0:57)

Investment Corporation of Dubai Pavilion is ensuring growth and long-term prosperity of Dubai's economy.  As you explore a striking labyrinthine structure made of natural woven materials, find out how the Investment Corporation of Dubai supports Dubai's dynamic economy with its investment strategy.


The Good Place - Where People Who Care, Meet to Do Good    Video (07:49)  (0:57)

Innovation can come from anywhere, to everyone. Come and meet ordinary people doing extraordinary things - and be inspired to join our global community.



Story of Our Culture    Video (08:59)  (0:58)

Wood Culture Tour presents Sameem Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020.  We took a tour of the Open Air Pavilion to explore and discover the traditional craft people used and made from scratch in the mountain, desert and the coast.


World Wood Day